Pg. 68 The Chronology of Hyrule, Land of the Gods

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•The Cyclical History Surrounding the Triforce

…This is a tale that was passed down by humans such as yourselves…

Within these pages, the history of Hyrule which spun many entries in the Legend of Zelda series into different branches is introduced. Why is it legend, and why does it represent a cyclical history? In due course, you will read everything from the reason why Skyward Sword is said to be the first story right up until the later eras. Because what is being spun is the flow of history right up until the end of time, we wish for you to touch true adventure with your own hands and try to ascertain it for yourself.

Before We Unravel the History:

•History is Still Being Spun

This chronology is not limited to information that is currently confirmable. It also contains much that is unclear. The history of Hyrule is known to change with the times and the person telling it, and will continue to unfold. Even if none of the important points waver by much, new legends will continue to be born and history may yet be rewritten.

•Naming the Hero Link

The heroes that appear in this chronology are all known as Link. It may have been their true name, but perhaps they were called something different. Some are the same person, but most were Links of their time: either different people entirely or the descendants of their heroic ancestors. Many Princess Zeldas also appear in Hyrule’s history as leaders, but this is because they, too, have taken on the legendary moniker of Zelda.

•How to Read the Chronology

[To come…]

•Works Not Included in the Chronology

The series contains other works such as Link’s Crossbow Training and spinoff games, but they aren’t included in the chronology.

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