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•The Chronology of Hyrule’s History, Spun By Each Game

Beginning with the creation of heaven and earth and Skyward Sword, the timeline splits into 3 branches following Ocarina of Time. A branch depending on whether Link arises victorious or is defeated, and a further branch for the Child Era Link originally inhabited and the Adult Era in which he no longer exists.

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Hyrule Historia Timeline

Special thanks to x7razorback7x of RB – World of Photoshop for making an updated version of my crappy Photoshop job.

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  1. G. より:

    ;,D so happy!!!

  2. DWraySwez より:

    Thanks you for this awsome work… Ur great…

  3. TheGodsAreOne より:

    I am no longer confused at which game goes after that. I thank you guys so much!!! 😀 it’s funny how people are still arguing about the timeline- saying that this doesn’t mean anything… I’m like: so you basically think nintendo is a lie then? Lol I guess to prove anything they need it in English

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  5. wutwutwut より:

    this legit makes no sense, if the Hero is defeated Ganon wouldnt need to be revived being Ganon IS the final OOT boss so he would be the one to defeat Link, next “Adult Era” is all games of Link when he’s a kid, next up TP shouldnt be in “kid era” since he’s an adult there, following from there, the original LOZ never states where Ganon truly comes from we cant say he was revived because we have no evidence, this timeline needs serious work so it can be more accurate

    • Snow より:

      I think you may have gotten a couple of things confused here. Like you said, Ganon doesn’t need to get revived at the end of OoT in the downfall timeline, but this timeline doesn’t say that he does either. Second, the Adult Era is referred to as such because it starts from the part of OoT in which Link was an adult. The age of later Links is irrelevant to the name of the era. Likewise, the Child Era gets its name from the fact that it starts out from a point in time when OoT Link was a child. And as for LoZ Ganon’s origins, you are right that the original game never states where he comes from, but that has been elaborated upon by later games and materials.

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  7. […] Zelda acolytes had to go through out-of-the-way means— like maybe-not-legal scans and fan translations—to get at its knowledge. Not […]

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