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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

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The Sky Era Skyward Sword

•Skyloft and the Legend of the Goddess

The piece of land that Hylia sent floating in the sky became known as the Isle of the Goddess.

The floating islands inhabited by the humans that had escaped was named Skyloft, and its inhabitants came to live in harmony with the Loftwings, a type of divine birds granted to them by their Goddess.

Knowledge of the Goddess and the surface became but an oral tradition, and as the memories faded over the thousands of years that passed, their existence turned into legends.

•Skyloft’s Growth

In the ancient battle, the humans were powerless against their demonic adversaries and had no chance but to flee for their lives. Thus, the people of Skyloft set up a small force of vigilantes.

To protect the lineage of vigilantes, Gaepora established the Knight Academy, where youths learned to fly together, practise with swords, and graduate to become part of the knights of Skyloft.


•Isle of the Goddess

A piece of land cut from the surface by the Goddess. The ceiling to the entrance of the temple contains images of the Triforce and 6 crests (the crests of the 6 Sage Medallions in a later era), but but only half the entrance was sent to the sky.


An peaceful paradise of islands; the largest one is connected to the Isle of the Goddess by a bridge.

•Protecting the Old Lineage

The legends of the Goddess are handed down from generation to generation, and old scripts from the surface detail the secret of the Goddess Sword hidden inside the statue of the Goddess.

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•The Typography of this Era

These letters originate from the era when Goddess Hylia reigned. They can be found in various locations, such as in the Goddess Sword pedestal and on various buildings on the surface. However, since they’re so ancient, they can not be deciphered.

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