Pg. 79 The Sorcerer’s Birth and the Tempering of the Four Sword

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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Force Era The Minish Cap

•The Sorcerer’s Appearance at the Picori Festival

As this year marked the 100th year of the Picori Festival, the festival was more magnificent than ever before. The winner of the annual swordsmanship tournament was a man of unknown origin named Vaati.

Vaati was after the Bounded Chest. He broke the Picori Blade and opened the chest, but the Light Force that he was looking was nowhere to be found. Instead, a horde of monsters came gushing out of its insides.

Vaati turned Princess Zelda to stone and set out to look for the Light Force all over the human world.

•The Secret of the Picori

With the power of the holy Picori Blade, the curse on Princess Zelda could be broken. However, the sword could only be repaired by the Picori, a race of small beings invisible to adults. Thus, at Smith’s suggestion, the King of Hyrule decided to send out a young boy named Link to contact them. Armed with Smith’s Sword, Link took the broken Picori Blade and set out for Minish Village.

•Meeting Ezlo

Link travelled to Minish Woods where he met Ezlo, a man who had been transformed into a hat by Vaati.

Link later finds out that Ezlo is a Picori sage whose apprentice was none other than Vaati. Apparently, the source of Vaati’s demonic powers is a hat made by Ezlo with the ability to grant the wishes of the one who wears it.


•Princess Zelda

The Princess of Hyrule, who is said to have magical powers. Fearing that these powers will get in his way, Vaati turns her to stone.

•Smith and Link

Smith is a renowned blacksmith and Link is his apprentice. He has forged a sharp sword which was to be presented to the winner of the swordsmanship tournament. Link and Zelda are childhood friends who were playing together during the incident at the Picori Festival.

•Sorcerer Vaati

Formerly the apprentice of the Picori sage Ezlo, his evil heart turned him into a human sorcerer when he put on the Mage’s Cap. He entered the swordsmanship tournament mistakenly believing that the Light Force was enshrined within the Bound Chest.

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