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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Force Era The Minish Cap

•The Light Force Rediscovered

Link collected the Four Elements and placed them in their pedestals within the Elemental Sanctuary. With their powers, the Picori Blade turned into the sacred Four Sword with the power to split its wielder into four.

At that moment, the sanctuary’s back door opened and a new room was revealed. In it, stained glass images explained that the Light Force had been dwelling within the Princess of Hyrule from generation to generation.

•The Great Sorcerer’s Ceremony

Vaati, who had been keeping an eye on Link’s activities, revealed himself after learning about the location of the Light Force and kidnapped Princess Zelda. He brought her to the roof of Hyrule Castle where he performed a ceremony to extract the Light Force from Zelda’s body. Link immediately follows Vaati and manages to arrive before the ceremony is fully completed. Vaati transforms into a great demon, but through the power of the Four Sword, Link manages to defeat him and lift the curses on Ezlo and Princess Zelda.

•The Wish

In the fight with Vaati, Hyrule Castle collapsed and many fell victim to his demonic powers. Thus, Ezlo gave Zelda the Mage’s Cap to grant her wish to undo all of his destruction. Through the combined power of the hat and the Light Force, the wish was granted and Hyrule turned back to normal.

At that moment, the door to the Minish Realm began to close. As a parting gift, Ezlo gave Link a green hat before returning to his homeland.


•The Elemental Sanctuary

A sacred room whose entrance lies in Hyrule Castle Courtyard. It is invisible to adults and contains pedestals for the four elements that are hidden throughout the world.

•The Mage’s Cap

A hat from the Minish World originally made by Ezlo to be used by humans. The strength of the wish depends on the strength of the person who makes the wish.

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