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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Hero of Time Ocarina of Time

•The Victory of the Hero Link

At the end of the intense battle, Princess Zelda held Ganon back with a wave of light while Link finished him off. Then, Ganon was successfully locked up in the sealing void the six sages opened in the Sacred Realm.

•When Peace Returns to Hyrule…

With this, the battle was over.

Seven years ago, Princess Zelda let Ganondorf step into the Sacred Realm with the purpose of conquering it. To fix that mistake, she played the Ocarina of Time. She sent Link back to his original time in order for him to regain the seven years he had spent sealed.

When peace returns to Hyrule… It is time for Princess Zelda and Link to say goodbye.


•Ganondorf is Sealed

When Ganon lost the battle, he was sealed with the Triforce of Power in his hand. He returned back to Ganondorf’s body, but his hatred against Princess Zelda, the sages and Link was so intense it brought upon a tragedy in a later era.

•The Peace in Hyrule

A lot of people gathered at Lon Lon Ranch to celebrate. In the Kokiri Forest, a sprout of the Deku Tree flourished and the world headed towards purification.

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•A Cyclic Story Resulting From an Ancient Battle

The presence of the hero who went back and forth in time generated a fork in history, dividing Hyrule’s chronology.

To see the history that unfolded starting from the child era of the Hero of Time that was sent back, turn to page 110.

To see the history that unfolded starting from the adult era after the Hero of Time left, turn to page 122.

The End of the Legend of the Gods and the Era of the Hero of Time.

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