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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of Light and Dark A Link to the Past

•The Wizard Agahnim’s Secret Manoeuvres

Despite losing the power of the Triforce and the bloodline of Hylia thinning, the Kingdom of Hyrule remained in peace. But then, the wizard Agahnim, who could use powerful magic, appeared and planned to break the seal of the Sacred Realm, which had become the Dark World.

Agahnim seized the power from the king and manipulated the soldiers to capture the maidens that were descendants from the seven sages. The maidens were offered as a sacrifice and sent to the Dark World. Even Princess Zelda was going to be offered as a sacrifice.

•The Voice of Princess Zelda Asking for Help

Princess Zelda, who was locked up in a prison, sent a telepathic message asking for help. The ones who listened to her voice were the young boy Link and his uncle, who lived near the castle. They both were survivors from the knight bloodline.

Link’s uncle went to the castle to save Princess Zelda, but he was defeated by the soldiers and when Link arrived later, he entrusted his sword and shield to Link..



A dark wizard who threw Hyrule into chaos. His true identity is Ganon’s alter ego.

•Princess Zelda

The princess of Hyrule and one of the descendants of the sages. She possesses a mystic ancient power.

•The Survivors of the Knight Bloodline

Link and his uncle are descendants of the knight bloodline. Link, who is said to be the last survivor, has the makings of a hero.

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