Pg. 97 The End of the Dark World

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The following was translated by SnowBrigadier.

Era: Game:
The Era of Light and Dark A Link to the Past

•The Rescue

Demon King Ganon was searching for a way out of the Dark World to enter the Light World. To prevent that, Link must reclaim the Triforce and defeat Ganon. He travelled back and forth between the two worlds to rescue the maidens who have been trapped in the Dark World.

Finally, Link rescued Princess Zelda. The power of Princess Zelda and the Sages broke the barrier protecting Ganon’s Tower. Link defeated Agahnim who stood in his way and was transported to the Pyramid where Ganon resided.

•The Battle of the Pyramid

The trident wielding beast-like Ganon attacked with dark magic, but Link dismantled his dark powers and destroyed him.

Link touched the Triforce and wished for the world to return to its original, peaceful state. Both Link’s uncle and the late king came back to life.

The Triforce was now once again back in the hands of the royal family, and the evil that emerged from Ganon’s Dark World was slowly wearing off.


•The Barrier of Ganon’s Tower

A barrier had been erected around Ganon’s tower to prevent intruders.

Bottom Bar

•Dark World (The Other world)

Once known as the Sacred Realm, this resting grounds for the Triforce turned into a dark and evil place under Ganondorf’s control. It can be seen as a mirror of the Light World.

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