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Light & Dark Era Oracle of Seasons

•Twinrova’s Plan

The twin witches, Twinrova, were scheming to perform a ceremony to revive the Demon King Ganon. For the revival ceremony, Twinrova needed three flames to burn – the “Flame of Destruction”, the “Flame of Sorrow” and the “Flame of Despair” – and to offer a holy sacrifice. In order to obtain the Flame of Destruction and the Flame of Sorrow, the General of Darkness, Onox, was sent to the land of Holodrum and the Sorceress of Darkness, Veran, was sent to the land of Labrynna.

•The Oracle of Earth, Din

The young boy named Link who saved the land of Hyrule was guided to the Triforce in Hyrule Castle and was transported to an unfamiliar land of Holodrum. After arriving to Holodrum, he lost his strength and collapsed, but found an itinerant on the road that was courteously looking after a dancing child, Din.

The awakened Link was lured by Din into dancing. However, suddenly everything was covered in darkness and a tornado arose with the General of Darkness called Onox. Onox’s objective was the “Oracle of Seasons”, Din, who guarded the four seasons. Even though Link challenged Onox with determination, Din was kidnapped.

•The Adventure Around the Land of Holodrum

The Oracle of Seasons, Din, was sealed away, so the land of Holodrum became a world of a blend of the four seasons. Link used the “Rod of the Four Seasons” and set off to look for the 8 “Essences of Nature”. When Link saved the guardian Maku Tree from the darkness, he went to invade Onox’s castle in the north.



The foster mothers of Ganon once known as the thief Ganondorf. Ganondorf became Demon King Ganon and Twinrova are now trying to revive him.

•Link’s Trials

After defeating Ganon, Link went on a journey to further his training. After leaving Hyrule, he meets people such as a witch named Maple, a kangaroo called Ricky and some other friends.

•The Maku Trees

The humongous protectors of Holodrum and Labrynna. The Maku Tree in Holodrum looks like an old man that falls a sleep often, and the Maku Tree in Labrynna looks like a young girl. Using the Essences of Nature and Time respectively, they both have the power to create a “Huge Maku Seed” with the power to dispel evil.

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  1. Tekira より:

    The only thing I don’t understand is how Twinrova can still be alive here. It seems like it’s the same Twinrova as in Ocarina of Time, but they died there. Apparently they weren’t dead after all..?

    • Snow より:

      No one really knows for sure how they returned. Perhaps Ganon revived them after he claimed the Triforce, or perhaps their defeat in OoT didn’t kill them after all. Some people have pointed out that Twinrova’s death in OoT is different from the deaths of all other bosses in that game, but whether or not this actually has any significance is up for debate.

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