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A translation commissioned by RahanAkero. Kotonoha is by Mintjam, a band known for a variety of anime and game music.

透明な空を振り仰いで Face upturned towards the cloudless sky
名もなき花ひとつ 雪解けを待つように A single, nameless flower seems to wait for the melting snow
風は暖かい日差しに The wind’s gentleness is reflected by the warm sunlight
優しさを映して 春色を滲ませ Blurred with the colours of spring

そっと 微睡みから醒める It awakens from its soft slumber
心地よい調べに 身を任せるがまま Allowing its body to explore the sensations

木々から大地へと伝う一滴 A drop flows down from the trees to the earth
七色 空を染める虹へと Becoming a rainbow that dyes the sky seven colours
咲き誇る季節に 言葉を残して Leaving words amidst a season in full bloom
再び生命廻る時まで Until the circle of life goes round once more

雲は流れ 移ろいゆき Clouds stream by, changing shape
あの日の風景も いつしか色褪せて The scenery of the day fades unnoticed

恋焦がれた空 誘われ Invited by the yearning sky
解き放してよ 夢の続きを The rest of the dream is set free

刹那の宴 輝ける時を知り An ephemeral feast; knowing its time to shine
永久へと向かう螺旋織り成す A white petal flutters down in an eternally interwoven spiral,
舞い散る白き花びら 地に還りて Returning to the earth
再び生命芽吹く時まで Until the bud of life sprouts once more

透明な空を振り仰いで Face upturned towards the cloudless sky
名もなき花ひとつ 夕凪に揺れる A single, nameless flower trembles in the evening calm

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  1. Rahan says:

    Hey, GB! Thanks so much for doing this translation for me. It came out beautifully. The next time I find something I can’t handle, I know who to call on.

  2. GlitterBerri says:

    You’re welcome! Glad to be of service. ^^

  3. Takayu says:

    Hi, I’m one of the fans of MintJam, and grad you translate the song “Kotonaha”.
    Thanks for beautiful English lyrics.^^
    from Japan.

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