Screenshots & Footage – 2000 (Part 1)

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Media kindly provided by Lavacopter.

January 18th, 2000

The moon lacks the scary face we see in the final game.

The Zora Guitar gets its own icon to replace the Ocarina. Wonder why this was scrapped?

January 25th, 2000

The minigame here is changed from sticks to rings.

January 27th, 2000

Tael is blue here rather than purple.

“Since long ago the moon has been thing of mystery, revered and feared by humans.”

An icon for the Deku Pipes.

“The person who killed my adorable princess shall know my wrath!”

A localization difference, not something changed in development. In the Japanese translation, the king thinks the princess is dead.

“Since the beloved princess went missing, our king has lost his calm disposition…”

The Kokiri Sword of the final game makes its appearance.


“Forging your sword will cost 80 rupees. It will be ready by tomorrow morning. I’ll keep it for you till then.”

With a duck-face like that, is it any surprise that these guys grow up into this?

Dead for two seconds and Mikau’s already being surrounded by Guays.

“Well? Are you going to play, pi?”

“Thanks for keeping your promise with me! I’m in your debt.”

March 15th, 2000

“Now, listen up! Deku Scrubs can dive down by pressing A on top of this Deku Flower!”

“With this dojo’s polite and gentle 24 hour man to man training, you’ll see your swordsmanship improve in a hurry!”

This poster isn’t ever used in the final game.

“This is a secret place for little kids!”

“If you wanna get through, say the password!”

“My name is Tingle! I think I’m a fairy like you.”

“Nice! Nice! Hey, hey, we should be friends.”

“These cows are of the Romani breed. They’re a divine inheritance left to us by our ancestors…”

“Are you ready?”

“Who’re you?”

“The milk from Romani Ranch next door is actually really watered down. You can’t drink it.”

“Please advise everyone in town to evacuate!”

“You see, due to the odd weather recently the temperature of the sea in this area has risen.”

“Isn’t the rehearsal going to start soon?”

Is this the equivalent of a human playing drums on human heads?

The Japanese clock reads “Last” instead of “Final”.

“To make matters worse, my brother was frozen by the cold.”

A different font for Deku Link’s countdown which appears only in the Japanese version. In English, the same numbers as when Link is diving are used.


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