Screenshots & Footage – 2000 (Part 2)

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March 23rd, 2000

In the final version, this scene takes place at night. If Link hasn’t been changed back yet, why does Deku Link have a bow?

“I’m the Happy Mask Man. I’m a travelling peddler who seeks happy masks in all times and places…”

“Time continues to pass even as we stand here…”

“This is a popular place for Deku Scrubs, so it’s a good bargain, pi.”

The Business Scrub should be further away from the box here. He’s usually farther right.

There isn’t usually a torch to the left of the Curiosity Shop.

“You’ve got a lot of guts to come thieving into the pirates’ hideout!”

March 30th, 2000

The direction of the bend in the path here is reversed in the final game. There are also a few extra gravestones.

Sweet Aviators.

“The pictograph contest is on now only.”

“The travelling troupe chairman Gorman was entered into your members’ notebook!”

“Chairman Gorman
The travelling troupe chairman has grand clothes and a scary face.”

“Oh? Shall we do a session?”

“You ought to be able to do something the way you are now. I’m asking you! Isn’t there a way, goro?”

April 6th, 2000

Tired of being bullied by evil dogs? Make someone else suffer by using the puppy to make Kafei fall flat on his face.

“Will you buy dreams for 10 rupees, sir?”

“The winning number will be presented today from 6 pm till 11.”

“Ah, will you be playing?”


This ought to be a reaction meme.

April 13th, 2000

“Kind youth…”

“This is the Bombers’ proof of membership notebook. Read it carefully!”

“How many shall we hold for you?
017 Rupees
Change the number with the directional stick and decide with A.”

“That’s a Green Chuchu. It’s nothing to worry about! It typically has something it swallowed in its stomach.”

Our first sighting of “Chat” (Tatl) on C-Up.

This is why your dad told you not to eat random mushrooms you find in the forest.

“Mania Shop
Open at 10 pm.”

The Japanese name of the Curiosity Shop is a pun. The English word “mania” is mixed with the Japanese word “ya” (shop), resulting in “Maniya”.

April 24th, 2000

“Baby, if you want we can forget the time and dance all night.”

“You reclaimed the Ocarina of Time. It’s a memento from Princess Zelda.”

“Save and return to the Dawn of the First Day?

My wheelchair has a sweet-ass tiger on the back. Does yours?

“Young one, please hear my plea. I was scattered by a mask-wearing Skullkid.”

Everything with Stal- and Skull- in its name is part of the same family in the Zelda series, like Skullkids, Stalfos, Skulltulas, and Stalchildren. For some reason “sutaru” was translated two different ways.

September 19th, 2000

Finally, English! The Owl Statues aren’t present in the Japanese version of the final game. However, the Japanese version has three save files compared to single file we find in English. Actually, the English version received a number of other changes as well.

You like that, don’t you, Princess?

Isn’t it just?

You have nothing to worry about… >_>

Heehee. Off to Clock Town!


Another happy ending.

September 22nd, 2000

That’s weird, it’s a great location.

The route to the Bean Seller’s grotto is far different in the Japanese version.


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