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I’m not sure if this is even an issue anymore, but I recall there being some confusion amongst English fans about who Link was searching for in Majora’s Mask. (Whatever became of his quest, anyway?) Hopefully this will clear things up.

The following is a short prologue to Majora’s Mask from an image in the MM section of Nintendo Japan’s website.

There is a legend of the royal family passed down in Hyrule. The legend tells of a boy. After fighting a great evil and saving Hyrule, the boy faded out of legend. His battle across the ages coming to a close, he left on a secret journey. A journey in search of the irreplaceable friend he was parted with at the end of his adventure…

The beginning of this prologue is very similar to the narration of one of The Wind Waker commercials which starts “In the land of Hyrule there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the royal family that tells of a boy…” While I’ve translated the words literally, I believe the commercial narration is a stylized translation of the same lines in Japanese.


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  1. MedicalNerd says:

    He was supposed to look for Navi according to a Swedish gaming magazine, SuperPlay. This was cited from an E3-interview with Miyamoto ^^

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