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Posted By at 10:05 AM on Monday September 3, 2012


Recently, I’ve been extremely busy with Hyrule Historia, so today I’d like to take a moment to showcase a friend’s artwork. He’s just started drawing again, and he’d really appreciate any constructive criticism or comments on his art.

Do you have any advice for him, or recommendations for what he should work on next? Click the links below each drawing to be taking to their Deviant Art page, or view his full gallery at

Maru the Cat

An Adorable Owl

The Demon From the Exorcist

The Sun Setting Over a 737


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  1. Melora says:

    The cat is goregous in style and a great use of negative space. It’s my favorite piece and reminds me of the kind of book illustrations I always loved. It has real style to it.

    The owl is adorable but it loses me with some parts looking more 3D while the area around its eye looks flat. I frequently suffer from this problem myself.

    Demon is a good sketch, but the background swath is distracting because it’s too sketchy. Taking that away would have helped it.

    The airplane is incredibly well rendered and shows great technical ability. So, in the sense that it showcases that, it’s strong. Personal opinion would be: Injecting more unique style would make it a better piece. As is it does nothing interesting, only shows off ability.

    I’d love to see them do more illustrative type works with a limited color pallet. I think they could really push themselves in that area and come up with an awesome series of work.

    I’d have left these on DA but I didn’t see the critique request and I never give it anywhere it’s not specifically asked for.

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