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Media kindly provided by Lavacopter.


Shoshinkai (October 9th)

Here we see the A+B interface, an early control scheme. The sword remained on A for much of development, while B was used for equipping items from the menu, much like in the previous Zelda games. It looks like bombs are equipped on B here, with a different graphic than the final game.

A room containing two Stalfos and square windows emitting light. The room is still present in the final game, albeit with a broken header. It was likely used for publicity shots due to the functionless door. This header was fixed by Zelda’s Secret Ocarina member cooliscool. It can be seen in-game here.

Another room similar to the one above, likely used for publicity shots and still present in the final game. Footage of the room in-game here. The Stalfos has been readded to the room manually.

Despite its presence in this gameplay demo, the developers have never stated that they planned to give players the ability to obtain the Triforce.

One of the initial exercises by the developers to practice creating a 3D Zelda was to remake the first dungeon from the first Zelda game, seen in the following shots.

Link once had strawberry brown hair, closer to his design in the previous Zelda games. He also holds a shield with a much simpler design.

Link also boasts bare, tight-less legs in his early design.



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