V-Jump Presentation Part 2

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Announcer: Super Mario RPG! We’ll now introduce the newest Super Mario title born from the union of Nintendo and Square! As our guests, we have Square’s Chihiro Fujioka and the man you think of when you think Super Mario, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who were kind enough to join us here today.


Fujioka: There are obviously original characters, but also some familiar faces, of course… this Chain-Chomp for example… others too, I think… Wiggler… We tried our hand at making these original… (well, not really)… these Mario monsters in CG.


Interviewer: Mr. Miyamoto, what do you have to say?


Miyamoto: There were bugs in the art in flat areas where people wouldn’t know what was up with the background.


Interviewer: Ah, yes.


Miyamoto: Yeah, if you turned around in a circle you’d find glitches… we’d sometimes hear “I really don’t know what’s up with the shape of his head.”


Fujioka: That’s right. We were really thorough in checking everything.


Fujioka: How would we make the action game Mario into an RPG? That’s the part that caused us the most trouble. When you think of an RPG, you think of a dramatic story developing. When an event begins, the story keeps unfolding. But it’s not just that, we’re calling these “action events”, events that the player can play through, a characteristic left over from Mario’s action games.


Interviewer: Action event. That’s a new term, isn’t it.


Fujioka: That’s right. Therefore, players aren’t just sitting there reading the dialogue, they’re always in control. We’re making a new Mario roleplaying game by using events where you can move Mario around freely. Like we said before, though you can control the events more or less like an action game, because it’s an RPG it’s carefully made so that even those who claim they aren’t very good at action games will be alright.


Announcer: Lastly, a single question.


Fujioka: Yes. Well, we’ll do our best to try and make it so that Mario can use the hammer like everyone asked. Even though the game screens look fun from what you’ve just seen, I think we all want you pick up the controller and play for yourselves. Thank you very much.


Miyamoto: We’re trying to make it so the second one won’t be on the same hardware or system. We’re doing our best to ensure that this game will be the last 16-bit Mario before we move to 64-bit.


Fujioka: What?!


Miyamoto: Thank you very much.



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