Part 6

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Special thanks to Melora of History of Hyrule for cropping and scaling the pages!

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  1. Ulises says:

    thank you really much!!!! i have already went trought the phantom horglass manga and now im reading this. really good job, i send you a hapiness hug

  2. GlitterBerri says:

    Hugs are always welcome.

  3. Swedish Zelda Fan says:

    It always make me happy seeing new pages 😀 I remember when I saw this manga for the first time back at a site called Kasuto.Net, and always hoped someone would translate it. So glad my wish came true :3

    Although the strong indications of Link and Zelda being half siblings makes me just a liiitle bit saddened (huge Zelda/Link fan here), I’ll have to try and remember that it’s an adaptation, and that it takes a lot of freedoms with the first game.

    Though, the setting in the manga is kinda neat, would be cool if Nintendo made a Zelda game in that kinda steam/cyber-punk-ish setting(and hey, Zelda in hot pants – can’t go wrong with that XD).

    Thank you for translating<3

  4. GlitterBerri says:

    It seems Link and Pell are the likeliest pairing in this manga, Link’s a little young for anything else. =) The AoL manga I’ll translate next is a direct sequel to this one, though, so who knows what we’ll see.

    Would you consider this manga’s setting to be steam/cyber-punk? I guess I’m not too sure on the definition of those.

    Oh, and anytime! <3

  5. Swedish Zelda Fan says:

    Hmm, in hind sight, maybe saying the setting was cyber punk-ish or steam punk-ish was a bit misleading, perhaps I should have said something more akin to “the setting isn’t your typical, medieval fantasy world” setting.

    The setting is still clearly “fantasy”, with the only exception being that the characters wear “modern” clothing(since the use of swords and magic and the clothes worn by the royal family and the royal guards still somewhat implies “fantasy” rather than “sci-fi”).

    I’m not exactly an expert on the subject, though, so don’t take my word for it XD

    I’m looking forward to seeing AoL! I remember seeing the cover for the manga back on History of Hyrule(god, I miss that site), can’t wait for it :)

  6. Swedish Zelda Fan says:

    Also, this must be the freakiest Ganon I’ve ever seen in any of his incarnations D:

    Is there any chance that you’ll be translating the LoZ: AlttP manga(the original by Ataru Cagiva, not the one by Akira Himegawa)? AFAIK, only the first volume has been translated. Maybe as a future project?

    • GlitterBerri says:

      I looked up what you were talking about and it appears to be a 3 volume series at 190 pages each. Phantom Hourglass at 185 pages took me 9 months to do (with delays) and the Legend of Zelda at 200 pages has currently taken me something like 3 years. Even if I updated at my present rate of 1 page a day, it would take me more than a year to finish, and I’d also like to have time for other translating so I don’t burn myself out on one thing. It’s a possible future project, but I don’t know if it will happen for a long time! Thank you for the recommendation, though, I’ll add it to my list.

      I should be able to start on the AoL manga in June, if all goes well. (Famous last words…)

  7. Bastian says:

    Thank you SO much for translating and posting these parts! I had always wished I could read this manga since I first discovered it more than a decade ago, and now I finally can thanks to you! Thank you so much! I can’t wait for Part 7! And I especially can’t wait for the AoL manga since AoL has always held a special place in my heart/nostagia. 😀

  8. GlitterBerri says:

    Thanks for all the comments, Dano. ^^ Nice to get some feedback. Don’t forget to check out the sequel and the Phantom Hourglass manga!

  9. Dano says:

    Heck yeah, this is pretty amazing stuff. I never even knew that such a manga ever existed. I can’t help but admire the efforts of Zelda fans!

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