A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda’s groundbreaking move to 16-bit. A pink-haired Link explores the vastness of the overworld and underworld, battling monsters, minibosses, and magic-wielders.

Staff Interviews
The Men Who Made Zelda
The Development of A Link to the Past
A Discussion With Zelda’s Miyamoto & DQ’s Horii

Prerelease Screenshots & Differences

None yet!

The Official Prologue – A Play
The Crazy Dancing Link Commercial
The Mystery of “Zelda Is Your…”

Hyrule Historia

The Princess of Light
The Princess of Light (Continued)
A Link to the Past
The End of the Dark World

Concept Art
Zelda & Ganon

Cool Custom Drawing

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  2. Hi i love your website, the interviews with the Zelda staff are very revealing, how can i get a password to read “Finishing a 3 Year Project in 1 Year” in Majoras Mask? can i??? greetings, im from México