V-Jump Video Screenshots

| July 25, 2015

The following screenshots are taken from the V-Jump Preview Video 2 section of the Chrono Compendium page. Apologies for the slightly more amateurish translation in this post. I did this a long time ago, but I believe it was lost when my site when down. (Or perhaps never published in the first place?) I’ve filled […]

Never-Before-Seen Character Sketches

| February 11, 2012

The following images reveal that the Old Man at the End of Time, also known as Gaspar, was once intended to be a party character in Chrono Trigger. They were taken from a Japanese players guide, as reported by ZeaLitY of the fansite Chrono Compendium. Click the images to enlarge. Turn back the clock… and […]

Unseen Prerelease Text

| January 31, 2009

This page highlights text that has been translated from the Prerelease ROM and interesting differences. Thanks to RyogaMasaki, Vehek, and GlitterBerri of GlitterBerri for making this possible! You can download the script here: Chrono Trigger Prerelease Script V. 0.9 by Vehek, RyogaMasaki, ZeaLitY (Excel 2003 Spreadsheet) Text Block 01 3B0242-3B1F3F Debug Codes インフォだよ  X   Y   […]

V-Jump Presentation

| December 27, 2008

Footage from an early build of Chrono Trigger. Found on a tape with various footage from the V-jump Festival in 94. Announcer: Square’s newest creation, Chrono Trigger! With an introduction by Mr. Kazuhiko Aoki and Mr. Hironobu Sakaguchi! Kazuhiko Aoki: Mr. Toriyama designed the characters, monsters, and the look of each era. Mr. Horii did […]

V-Jump Interview

| December 25, 2008

An old interview with the developers of Chrono Trigger. • Cover • Page 2 • Page 3 • Page 4 • Page 5 • Page 6 • Page 7   Cover V Jump Books Dokusen Project!! Two members of the Chrono Trigger team discuss the secret story behind the game! It’s a scorching hot TALK […]