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I’m now taking Japanese to English translation commissions! Have something lying around that you’ve always wondered about? No matter how big or small it is, I can help!

I am a freelance translator with 6 years of experience. In addition to my 1.5 years spent living in Japan and 8 years of language study, I have worked with a variety of material, from game scripts and dialogue to technical documents and developer correspondence, from magazine interviews and stories to the transcription and translation of video and audio. Through my years of performing translations for a variety of international clients I have acquired excellent communication and writing skills in both Japanese and English, experience working under pressure and with looming deadlines, and an understanding of the importance of fluid and natural translations.

Rates are negotiable, but I charge bargain-barrel prices and will consider working on a pay-what-you-can basis. (After all, I love what I do!)

Feel free to comment on this post or contact me at with any further questions, I would be happy to provide more information, including a resume or references, upon request.

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  1. Jeromy says:

    Can you marry me? Lol

  2. DFA says:

    if you get bored, you should translate the essence of saga frontier

  3. C says:

    This probably sounds a bit petty in light of how you state you are open to negotiation and offer low prices, but if you were commissioned to compare the scripts for the Japanese and English releases of a game (an action title with moderate, linear plot, so probably <80k as English text), would you be charging based on handling the entirety of the Japanese script, or would the rate apply only to the translation of any parts that are noticeably different between versions?

    It's not a big deal either way – this question largely serves a mental bookmark for myself.

    • GlitterBerri says:

      Because I’d have to look over the entirety of the two scripts in order to compare them, I’d see how much of a time commitment that would be and factor it into the price, which would also include the actual translating. 🙂 If you send me the two scripts or further explain what’s on your mind, I can quote you a price!

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