Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time, a game that took 4 years to make and changed drastically throughout its development, is the fifth installment in the Zelda series.

Staff Interviews
Interviews With the Staff
Special Interview With Koji Kondo

All the Game’s Prerendered Backgrounds
Prerelease Screenshots & Analysis

None yet!

Japanese Lyrics to Epona’s Song

Hyrule Historia

Pg. 84 Hyrule Kingdom in Chaos
Pg. 85 Those Chosen by the Triforce
Pg. 86 Those Chosen by the Triforce (Continued)
Pg. 87 Ocarina of Time
Pg. 88 Ocarina of Time (Continued)
Pg. 89 Ocarina of Time (Continued)
Pg. 90 The Deciding Battle VS Ganondorf
Pg. 91 Ocarina of Time (Continued)

Concept Art
Pg. 145 Link
Pg. 146 Zelda, Sheik & Impa
Pg. 147 Sages
Pg. 148 Ganondorf
Pg. 149 Ganondorf & Ganon
Pg. 150 Scene Art

Cool Custom Drawing

15 Responses

  1. FMMC says:

    Many thanks for translating these! Where is Tough to Fix part one?

    • GlitterBerri says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding to you! I didn’t do it because I didn’t have the attention span for it and it didn’t seem to reveal anything particularly interesting. I’ll come back to it!

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  2. FMMC says:

    I had given up on waiting for a response lol. Besides Tough to Fix pt 1 is there anything else you didnt translate? Id like to have it.

  3. GlitterBerri says:

    I didn’t do 19, either, since it’s a question and answer for players who are stuck and asking how to get through the Water Temple and that sort of thing.

    I’m still planning to do 21, where Miyamoto wraps things up.

  4. bobber says:

    Awesome, can’t wait for it. Please be soon!

  5. FMMC says:

    Well if it’s a walk through then I will disregard it. Do not forget whats left, I would like to have it ASAP.

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  7. FMMC says:

    thanks for completing the remaining parts!

  8. GlitterBerri says:

    Don’t thank me too quickly, Tough to Fix and 19 are still missing. 😀

  9. FMMC says:

    but you stated 19 was insignificant or have you discovered your judgment was wrong?

  10. Orion says:

    Wow, FMMC, you’re a tad on the bossy side. :T Regardless, thank you so very much, GlitterBerri! I just discovered your site last night and have been reading nonstop! You’re an absolute gem for taking your time to translate and post all this! <3

  11. FMMC says:

    I apologize if I sound commanding I solely prefer to talk formally.

  12. GlitterBerri says:

    I haven’t seen anything of interest in 19, you are correct. =) You do come off a little on the bossy side, but I forgive you!

    Thanks, Orion.

  13. Luz says:

    hello,I was wondering if you new anyhthing about that ocarina mature darker version manga that was supose to be done by the 2 mangakas? did it ever start?
    thank you!

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