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This short Skyward Sword manga, which acts as a prequel to the story of the video game, was written by Akira Himekawa and published in Hyrule Historia. It contains spoilers for the game, so be careful!

While I originally had translated scanalations of the manga hosted here, I received a cease and desist notice from Shogakukan, the company that published Hyrule Historia. As I can’t host the manga pages anymore, I will put up the translation for people who own the book and want to read along in English. (It’s for sale on Amazon here. You can learn how to order from Amazon Japan by clicking here.) If you wish to use or republish my translation, please run it by me at, credit me, and link back to the original page on my site.

Page 1

Message from Akira Himekawa

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda!! And congratulations again for the long-awaited release of Skyward Sword, the series’ latest entry. We’ve been working on comicalizing the games since 1999, and since then, we’ve been able to amass a number of volumes that have been almost as well-received as the games themselves. Last year, in 2010, German readers chose us to be the recepients of a manga award. Thank you so much!

It’s been around 12 years since we last drew Adult Link in manga form. We wracked our brains even harder than usual to come up with a manga that was suitable for the celebration of Zelda’s 25th anniversary and had a connection to the universe of Skyward Sword, but could be summarized in 32 pages. However, we think that we managed to pull off a neat little backstory for Zelda in the end. Ever since Nintendo started making video games, they’ve been responsible for the birth of a lot of new releases and a lot of game fans, but we believe that the Zelda franchise in particular has the most ardent fans in the world. When we drew this Zelda manga, we drew it for the fans who love the games. We hope you enjoy it!

Akira Himekawa – Profile:

The dual pen name of female manga artists A. Honda and S. Nagano (self-portraits on the right). They made their debut in 1991 in Weekly Shonen Sunday. In 1999, they launched a serialization of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Shogaku Gonensei and Shogaku Rokunensei. 10 volumes of their Legend of Zelda manga have been published by Shogakukan.

Page 2

Top Left

The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword

Panel 1

Whee! Yahoo!

Panel 2

Oh! Link, look over there!

Panel 3

A red bird… That’s a Loftwing up there!

Note on the Bottom

*This manga is based on the Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword.

*The comic includes important elements from the actual game.

Page 3

Panel 1

It must be nice to be able to fly through the sky whenever you like…

Panel 2

I sure can’t do that.

I wonder why I feel this way…

When I look up at those birds…

Panel 3

I feel kind of nostalgic… and sad…

Page 4

Panel 1

Under the city of Skyloft where young Link now stands, far beneath a thick layer of clouds, exists a land that was once called Hylia.

In those times, when people still dwelt on the world below, a dark age shrouded in fear and betrayal was brewing.

Page 5

Panel 1


Link the Hero…

Page 6

Panel 1

The man who deceived you, Lord Dagianis, has been killed by the Demon King. Please, come out into the sun.

The Demon Army will soon be upon us.

Panel 2

It was you who said you had no need for a powerful hero.

And now you’re telling me to fight? It’s been too long. My sword is broken. I can’t even run anymore.

Panel 3

That little misunderstanding has been cleared up. Everyone now realizes that your premonition of danger was correct.

Only you can repel the Demon King and protect the land of Hylia!

Panel 4

Here is your weapon. Orville has seen to its care for the last 4 years.

Panel 5

Hero Link.

It is my honor to present you with this blade.

Page 7

Panel 1

I thought that, now, I could rest quietly…

Panel 3

But if you wake the lion, he WILL bare his fangs!

Page 8

Panel 4

Ah, my dear old Hylia…

Even though people’s hearts can change, the beauty, pride, and purity of this land never will.

Panel 5

If you have need of me…

Panel 6

I will fight forever to defend you.

Page 9

Panel 1

Together we fight, children of Hylia!

Panel 3

Oi! What’s that over there? A bird?

Panel 4

It’s coming this way.

Panel 5

It’s a monster! It’s a monster come to attack us! FIRE AT WILL!

Page 10

Panel 1

WAIT! Don’t shoot.

There’s someone riding it!

Panel 3

I am the white goddess, Hylia.

This is a Loftwing, a bird of the gods.

Panel 4

A goddess?!

It’s the goddess who watches over Hylia!!

Panel 5

Hmph, these Hylians are useless.

You do not even know the difference between a monster and a god! What worthless creatures humans are.

Surely the one I seek cannot be found within this lower realm.

Page 11

Panel 1

The one who can fight with me against the Demon King…

…My true rider!!

Panel 2

“Worthless creatures”?!

If you’re looking for people to fight with you, you’ve found them! We WILL defeat the Demon King!

Panel 3

Oho, and who might you be?

I am Link, a knight of Hylia. To the eyes of the gods, humans may be small, but…

There are those among us who boast great courage!

Page 12

Panel 1

If that is so, then prove to me your worth!

Panel 3

The fearsome Demon King will soon lay waste to the surface world with the fires of destruction.

I cannot allow my country and people to be destroyed like this.

Panel 4

My people, there is a place for you in the sky.

The Loftwing seeks a rider.

Panel 5

The sky?!

We’re not birds. And the Loftwing has already taken his leave.

Page 13

Panel 1

This is the Master Sword, a blade that eradicates evil. It contains the power to rend the earth, and acts as a pillar to support it as it floats up into the sky.

However, it was wrought by the gods, meant for our hands alone.

Yet I must allow a human to wield it in order to exert my power over the surface world.

Panel 2

…The most valiant, honorable man on the world’s surface…

Panel 4

Goddess, I was imprisoned for a very long time. I am impure. I cannot possibly lay my hands upon a holy blade.

Page 14

Panel 1

The sword will decide whether or not you are impure.


Panel 2

Will you wreak vengeance on the land that held you in contempt?

Or will you save it from its fate?

Panel 3

Gods… humans… both of you seek the same answers from me.

Panel 4

You use me whenever it suits you.

Panel 5

But, needless to say… I will always stand with my friends!

Page 15

Panel 1

Stoke the fires!

With the power of the goddess, we can fly to the heavens!

The Master Sword was broken by the hands of the hero, melted in the scorching flames…

Beaten into shape again, it was reborn from the depths of agony.

Meanwhile, the goddess was desperately attempting to hold back an unseen evil.

Panel 2

Now… I shall control… everything…

Once… I obtain… the legacy of the gods…

Page 16

Panel 1

An assault of wicked desire stained the land the colour of obsidian.

The mountains, plains, and all that flowed pure on the earth was ruthlessly scoured by fire.

Panel 2

It is truly the end of the world! Oh, Goddess, will you not save us?

I know someone will aid us! The gods cannot desert us in our time of need!

Page 17

Panel 1

Your prayers from afar won’t vanquish the demons!!

Panel 2

Creatures of the earth! Servants of Hylia!

The humans are waging a fierce battle… we will come to their aid!

Panel 3

The heroic battle between the Demon Army and the Army of the Goddess waged on for 7 days and 7 nights. Vast numbers of humans were slaughtered.

However, the citizens of the land showed courage and continued to fight, their resolve unwavering.

Page 18

Panel 1

What’s wrong, coward?! You are nothing without your gods!

Cry! Scream! Turn and flee!

If you shed your armor and kneel before me, you may serve at the foot of my table… Or would you rather I rend you apart with my claws?

Panel 2

I care not whether I live or die…

But before I do, I WILL defeat you!

Panel 5

Foolish worm!

Panel 7

My village…

The beautiful air… the mountains… the streams…

How cruel…

That this should be the last thing I’ll ever see…

Page 19

Panel 1

Come, ride atop my back.

Panel 2


A Loftwing?!

Panel 3

You mean you’ll take me as your rider?

Panel 4

I have kept a close watch on your fight.

Panel 5

Let us fight together for all eternity!

Page 20

Panel 1

Loftwing, will you show my people to the skies? I must ask for your guidance.

Panel 2

As long as you will continue to fly with me.

Panel 3


It’s a promise!

Panel 4

At that moment, three dragons circled around the pair, as though offering a blessing.

This mark…?!

Panel 5

The legacy of the gods dwells within the Master Sword.

O Hero, present thy sword before the goddess!!

Page 21

Panel 1

My country… My beloved Hylians… My humans.

Live, and pass my legacy on to your children. At the highest limits of the sky, beyond the great sea of clouds, where the claws of the demons will not reach you.

Panel 2

Protect the Triforce, the legacy of the gods, from hands of the wicked…!

With a single sweep of her sword, the goddess Hylia rent the earth.

Page 22

Panel 1

We’re going to the skies!! Gather at the castle!

If you tarry, you’ll be left behind! Hurry!!

Panel 2



Panel 3

Take the sword!!

Page 23

Panel 2

Beautiful land of Hylia… May you endure for all eternity!

Page 24

Panel 2

The Master Sword has become a pillar between heaven and earth….

The Loftwing guides it to the heavens…

Panel 4

Link!! Jump into the light!! Please!!

What are you doing?! Hurry!!

Page 25

Panel 4

Go and thrive, comrades.

I pray with all my heart for your happiness.

Panel 5

I really did want to take to the skies with you…

Page 26

Panel 1

But my body is so heavy…

I can’t move… I feel as though I’m stuck to the ground…


Panel 2

Loftwing… I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise.

But I hope that you can somehow grant my last wish.

Panel 3


It doesn’t hurt anymore…

Panel 4

My spirit…

…will always…

… be with…


Page 27

Panel 1

What have you done with the golden triangles?!

They have gone to a place that you will never reach. A sacred place that will never be violated by demons.

Panel 2

Protected by my loyal people.

Panel 3

They rest in the hands of humans?!

Curse you, goddess!

Panel 4

Don’t think it ends here.

You will live to see that almighty power fall into our hands.

THAT is when we demons will become the rulers of the world…!

Page 28

Panel 4



Page 29

Panel 1

Your imprisonment was the will of heaven… something to make you stronger. Like a sword… beaten and tempered until it would never break.

It was necessary to turn you into the one who could wield the Master Sword…

Panel 2

The Master Sword awoke, tempered by your spirit.

You will be its master for all eternity…

Panel 3

That is because, like me, you love the land of Hylia…

And all of its people.

Panel 4

But, because of this, your life has always been a bitter one…

Watching you, I have come to know the pain that rends your body.

Page 30

Panel 1

I shall ensure that your gentle, heroic spirit will live forever.

And, as for me… I shall cast off the name of “goddess”. The next time we meet, I would like to stand before you as a simple human.

Panel 2

When the time comes that the land of Hylia is visited by danger once more…

We shall be reborn together.

One day…

Thousands of years later…

Page 31

Panel 2



Such is the depth of the goddess’s mercy…

The lesson here is that we must be loyal to her teachings.

Panel 3

It’s not that I’m especially bored, but…

Even since I was little, I’ve realized that I’m always looking up at the sky…

Panel 4

Why, I wonder?

Panel 6

H, huh?!

Panel 7

The crimson bird…

It’s coming this way..!!

Page 32

Panel 2

Well, hello there.

I have long awaited this moment.

Panel 4

Huh, that’s strange.

Why do his eyes look as though they’re saying that to me?

Page 33

Panel 1

I shall guide you… On the heart of a young boy, as pure as fresh parchment, shall be written the story that weaves destiny and spans eternity.

Though we have been parted by time and distance, my spirit will always be with you…

The End


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you find any errors, I did this all rather quickly. Can’t get enough? Be sure to check out The Legend of Zelda manga and the Adventure of Link manga too!

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