Screenshots & Footage – 1995

| March 15, 2011

Media kindly provided by Lavacopter. 1995 Shoshinkai The world’s very first look at a Zelda game on the Nintendo 64. The game was built on a heavily modified Mario engine, visible in the relative simplicity of the graphics at this stage. Related ArticlesCommercialsMedia kindly provided by Lavacopter. Commercial 1 Commercial … Screenshots & Footage – […]

Scenario – Auron of the Crimson Blade

| March 13, 2011

An early illustration of a Crimson Blade member. It appears as though the seven luminary blade, Masamune, that is used by Auron in the game was their standard equipment at the time. •Inside the Yevon Dome The Song of Prayer drifts on the air. The youths we saw outside are looking around the interior. A […]

Staff Questionnaire

| March 1, 2011

Did you know that Miyamoto has nightmares about Zelda? That Tarin was supposed to pop out of a treasure chest? That Totakeke has secrets he won’t tell us? That Bucket Mouse was a mistranslation? The official Japanese Link’s Awakening guide contains a developer questionnaire in which the team members discuss their role in creating the […]