Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Seasons Link

Link wields the power of the seasons and the ages to exert his influence over the land of Holodrum, bringing peace and prosperity to its inhabitants.

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Early Footage & Analysis

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Hyrule Historia

Pg. 98 Trial of The Triforce
Pg. 99 Rescuing Din
Pg. 100 Nayru, the Oracle of Ages
Pg. 101 The Return of the Demon King

Concept Art
Pg. 164 Link
Pg. 165 Nayru
Pg. 166 Supporting Characters
Pg. 167 More Supporting Characters
Pg. 168 Onox & Veran
Pg. 169 Bossblin, Ganondorf & Scene Art

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    can you please translate the scripts for a link to the past oracle series and links awaking?

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Cool Custom Drawing