Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword Zelda

Despite the date of its release being close to The Legend of Zelda series’ 25th anniversary, Skyward Sword serves as the prequel to all the other Zelda games. With the help of the Loftwings, Link navigates the world beyond his home continent of Skyloft.

Staff Interviews
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Himekawa’s Skyward Sword Prequel

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Hyrule Historia

Pg. 71 The Ancient Battle
Pg. 72 Skyloft
Pg. 73 The Gears of Fate
Pg. 74 The Surface
Pg. 75 The Gate of Time
Pg. 76 Demise’s Defeat

Concept Art
Pg. 6 & 7 Introduction
Pg. 8 Link
Pg. 9 Link & Loftwings
Pg. 10 Zelda
Pg. 11 More Zelda
Pg. 12 Fi
Pg. 13 More Fi

Pg. 14 Ghirahim
Pg. 15 More Ghirahim
Pg. 16 Impa
Pg. 17 The Imprisoned & Demise

Pg. 18 The Overworld
Pg. 19 More Overworld
Pg. 20 Skyloft & the Islands in the Sky
Pg. 21 More Skyloft & the Islands in the Sky

Pg. 22 The Knight Academy
Pg. 23 More The Knight Academy
Pg. 24 Students of the Knight Academy
Pg. 25 More Students of the Knight Academy

Pg. 26 Bazaar
Pg. 27 More Bazaar
Pg. 28 Even More Bazaar
Pg. 29 yet More Bazaar

Pg. 30 Skyloftians
Pg. 31 More Skyloftians & Houses
Pg. 32 Even More Skyloftians
Pg. 33 Skyloftians (Unused)

Pg. 34 The Isle of the Goddess
Pg. 35 The Sky Islands and People
Pg. 36 The Lumpy Pumpkin
Pg. 37 More Lumpy Pumpkin & Milk Bar

Pg. 38 Thunderhead
Pg. 39 More Thunderhead
Pg. 40 Sealed Grounds
Pg. 41 More Sealed Grounds

Pg. 42 Faron Woods
Pg. 43 The Big Tree & Skyview Temple

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