Third Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBG2 This room is named after Motomu Toriyama, one of the event planners of Final Fantasy VII. {PURPLE}[PAGEDOWN]{WHITE}:Reset Flag R1:フラグリセット R1: Reset Flags {PURPLE}[TARGET]{WHITE}:  Name&Money Change R2:ネーム&お金切り替え R2: Switch Name & Money {PURPLE}[PAGEUP]{WHITE}:  Battle On/Off L1:標準パーティセット L1: Normal Party Reset {PURPLE}[CAMERA]{WHITE}:  Set Normal Party L2:バトルオン/オフ L2: Battle On/Off {PURPLE}[ASSIST]{WHITE}:  Help On/Off SELECT:ヘルプオン/オフ{End} Select: Help On/Off […]

Second Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBG5 Most of the warps in this room leave you stuck in the walls, unable to do anything. It’s named after Kazushige Nojima, co-writer of Final Fantasy VII. Aeris:     Church 教会 Church     First of all     初めて ☞Beginning     Following roof incident     屋根イベント後 ☞After Roof Event     After {AERIS}’s death     エアリス死後<End> ☞After Aeris’s Death Tifa: My dear hometown […]

First Room

| July 4, 2011

This room forcibly adds Cloud to the party if he isn’t already present and makes him leader. It’s named after Yoshinori Kitase, director of Final Fantasy VII. BLACKBG1, BLACKBG9 Duplicated in ELEVTR1, MD1STIN, MD1_1, MD1_2, NMKIN_1, NMKIN_2, NMKIN_3, NMKIN_4, NMKIN_5, NRTHMK, SMKIN_2, SMKIN_3, SMKIN_4, and SMKIN_5. In the International files BLACKBG9 does not belong in […]

Main Room

| July 3, 2011

This room mostly serves as a means to access the other debug rooms, but contains one NPC. STARTMAP Yuffie:         NEXT     次のページ ☞Next Page         MENU ON     メニュー全部オン ☞Menu: All Enabled         BATTLE LOCK     バトルロック ☞Battle Lock         BATTLE UNLOCK     バトルアンロック ☞Battle Unlock         MOVIE LOCK     ムービーロック ☞Movie Lock         MOVIE UNLOCK     ムービーアンロック ☞Move Unlock […]

The Ending Made Clear

| July 2, 2011

The story, the truth, that couldn’t be told during the game. Mr. Ueda speaks about the thoughts behind the ending. Click the images to enlarge. Another Ending The voice you can hear after defeating a Colossus is calling out to restrain Wander. At first you can only hear breathing, but as the girl begins to […]

Unused Colossi in Action

| July 1, 2011

The unused Colossi in action. These pages are from the official guidebook to the game. Click the images to enlarge! Check out more Shadow of the Colossus concept art, early screenshots, and developer interviews here, including the truth behind the ending! Related ArticlesProtected: Early PrologueA small, bright moon shone from the gap between the clouds. […]