The Beginning

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On to Part 2!



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  1. Ulises says:

    Thank you Glitter for the continuation of this great manga. You are the best!!

  2. Melora says:

    You rock! Thank you so much for doing… Well, everything you’re doing!

  3. Kelsey says:

    Awesome! So great that it didnt end with that big cliffhanger! Need more! (please…)

  4. Charlie says:

    Yay!!!!! Link’s new adventure begins!!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Ulises says:

    Hey Glitter! How you been? good i hope.

    I was just wondering (and hoping) that you hadn’t forgot about us! It would be nice to see more of your work. Anyway, thank you so much for what have you done until now, i’ll continue to check on your blog waiting for news, bye!

  6. Ulises says:

    Wow an update! Thank you Glitter you are the best!

  7. Charlie says:

    Is that all the pages on this Part? Or are there still going to be 25 parts

  8. GlitterBerri says:

    25 parts? Gosh, I hope not! =) There are around 200 pages, again, so it should be 8 parts like before.

  9. Charlie says:

    Sorry, I mean “pages.”

  10. Charlie says:

    Okay. BTW, Zelda FTW!!

  11. Charlie says:

    3 more pages then it’s off to the next part. :)

  12. Charlie says:

    A few more pages then it’s off to the next part. :)

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