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The program is about to begin. One moment please……. *End of text*



Female Announcer: Transmission of BS Zelda – Ancient Stone Tablets: Chapter 1 will begin immediately.



Tomoko: (The Kappa) It’s time for the first chapter of “BS Zelda – Ancient Stone Tablets”! Get it at Bagpotamia Temple! *End of text*



Bagpotamia Temple

Enter Leave

Chapter 1 of “BS Zelda – Ancient Stone Tablets” will be broadcast from June 1st to June 7th at 7 pm! A new adventure has begun in Hyrule… *End of text*



Female Announcer: This program is being broadcast nationwide by satellite. We hope you’ll enjoy the high-quality BS sound. This game runs on “Zelda time”, so you will be unable to save using the memory pack. With that, we welcome you to the wonderful world of Zelda!



BS Legend of Zelda Rebroadcast

Re: BS Zelda Ancient #1 18:00~19:00

“BS The Legend of Zelda – Ancient Stone Tablets: Chapter 1″ Rebroadcast (Uses all of the memory pack) Download? Yes No

Choose Decide Go Outside

*End of Text*



Receiving “Rebroadcast of BS Zelda Ancient #1″ *End of text*



Narrator: 6 years ago, Link the Hero threw down the king of evil, Ganon. Since then, the land of Hyrule has basked in a time of tranquillity. But one day…



Evil Voice: *evil laughter* Hah!

Zelda: Help me!



Zelda: Each night, I have dreamt the same dream. The black shadow over that vast temple… why does it haunt my memories? No, that’s… I only hope that nothing terrible will happen…



Narrator: The dreaming princess sensed a new danger. Then, that day…



Zelda: H-huh? What is that strange light in the east?



Narrator: Zelda followed the mysterious brilliance.



Agihna: Hrm, now what could that have been? It’s almost as though something fell from the sky… Hrrr? Who’s this?



Narrator: A strange youth was lying there.




The data which will be sent from now on is not permitted to be used for anything but its intended purpose.

*End of text*



Zelda: Aa! Is that you, Agihna?!

Agihna: Oh! If it isn’t Princess Zelda!

Zelda: I saw a strange beacon of light shining from here. What happened?

Agihna: This here young’un, dressed something unusual…

Zelda: Aa! N-not dead, I hope…?

Agihna: Princess, this child doesn’t hail from the village.

Zelda: There is no time to worry about such things. Come! There may be injuries. Hurry and help me! Please!



Narrator: Carrying the youth, Agihna and Zelda hurried to the nearby shrine.



Zelda: It is strange, but there appear to be no wounds. We shall allow this youth to rest here. It has been a long time, Agihna. You look well.

Agihna: You are beautiful as ever, Princess Zelda.

Zelda: *Giggles* While we speak of these things, I have not seen old Sahasrahla recently…

Agihna: My elder brother warned me that danger surrounded Hyrule. He went in search of Link the Hero.

Zelda: Link the Hero!



Narrator: “Link the Hero.” The legendary swordsman who alone fought Ganon. Seeking new adventure, he left Hyrule behind.



Zelda: You as well? I too have been dreaming only nightmares of late. I feel as though a shadow draws near…

Agihna: Princess, this place may also be rife with danger. Please, return to Hyrule Castle!

Zelda: You are correct. I will leave for the castle at once. But Agihna… the youth who appeared in the light… I feel a strange power about this one. If endowed with courage, this could be the hero of light!

Agihna: But surely…



Narrator: With these words, Princess Zelda took leave of Agihna’s shrine.



Soldier: This is a disaster!

Agihna: Aren’t you the soldier who was at the eastern temple? What’s wrong? You are hurt! Are you alright?

Soldier: A horde of monsters came at us from nowhere! The defending soldiers were killed to a man. It looks like they haven’t appeared here yet, but… *grunts in pain*

Agihna: Oi! Hold on to your strength! So… Zelda’s prophecy has been realized! If the monsters have returned, then…

The Princess departed a long time ago, she must be escorted safely to the castle. But what will happen to Hyrule now? We must rely on the youth.



Narrator: A new danger has befallen the legendary Kingdom of Hyrule. Can the mysterious youth save this doomed land?



Agihna: Hrmph, you have awakened! Listen to me, young one. I am called Agihna. I do not know from whence you came. You listen to me. This kingdom is being overrun by monsters. Without a weapon your flesh will soon become a feast for their ilk. So… Will you rid this land of filth? I know of a weapon, but it is in a place the old may not reach. I cannot go myself. Will you go?


Agihna: So, that’s it! You’ll go! In that case, travel to the temple to the east of here. There you will find a sword and shield. If you have a sword, you can defeat the monsters yourself. Until that time, I will lend you my brother’s equipment. My older brother Sahasrahla is a famous sage of Hyrule. I will pass on his wisdom. Listen well.


Agihna: Firstly, there are fearsome creatures that dwell in the eastern temple. You must be cautious.

Within the bottle I just bestowed on you, there dwells a golden bee. It is a strange thing. It seems to be attracted to monsters. Should it find a monster, it will attack. However, it hates the light of swords. It will flee from anyone bearing a blade.

If you find yourself lost in a labyrinth, play your ocarina. You will soon find yourself returned to the dungeon entrance. Do you understand?



Narrator: Now for a simple explanation of the controls. First of all, please press the START button. This menu is called the SUB-SCREEN. At the SUB-SCREEN, the items you just received will be displayed. If you press the L button at the SUB-SCREEN, you will see today’s objectives. If you press the R button, you will be able to see an explanation of each item. If you don’t understand how to use an item, you can learn about it here. You can return to the game screen by pressing the START button again.

I will now explain how to use your new item. Select the bee in the bottle from the SUB-SCREEN. Now, press the START button once again to close the window. Press the green Y button and the bee will be released. If the bee does not appear, try pressing the button once more.

If you approach the stone Armos statues by the eastern temple, they will come to life and start to move. Those who haven’t yet obtained a sword should use the bee.



Agihna: Young one. Can you hear me? Young one, you are fighting well. Here is a fortune teller. He shall predict your fortune.


Fortune Teller: Hocus pocus… I see the shadow of a faerie near the youth’s location…


Agihna: Did you hear that? It seems as though a faerie has appeared, young one. Should you touch one, your body will be healed and strengthened. It is also possible to catch a faerie with a net. Use it wisely, young one.



Narrator: If you press the X button while above ground, you will be able to examine a map of the overworld. To see it in its entirety, press the X button again. Press the X button once more to return to the game screen.

Pressing the X button while in a labyrinth will reveal the rooms you have visited. Find a dungeon map and you will be able to see the rooms you have not yet explored.

When you obtain a sword you will be able to charge its power. Hold the B button to ready an attack.

There are many devices within a dungeon. Be sure not to overlook keys and switches hidden under pots. There are also doors which cannot be opened by switches.



Agihna: Young one. You are fighting a difficult battle. I have another prediction for you.

Fortune Teller: Hocus pocus… If you defeat a monster, you will receive rupees… But they won’t remain for long…

Agihna: Is that so? Did you hear that, young one? Defeat the monsters you can manage for now, and work on collecting rupees.


Fortune Teller: Master Agihna…

Agihna: What is it?

Fortune Teller: I see visions of arrows… The quantity of arrows will change… It will soon be possible to use many…

Agihna: Is that so? Did you hear that, young one? One who carries a bow will be able to strike indefinitely.



Narrator: There are monsters in dungeons which will not be defeated by a blade. Hit them with your bow.



Soldier: Master Aginha! Master Agihna!

Agihna: What are you shouting about? What has happened?

Soldier: The northern magic shop…

Agihna: The magic shop to the north of the temple, eh. The one with the mysterious witch nearby?

Soldier: Right! It looks like the northern magic shop is now selling a new type of potion!

Agihna: Oh? What sort of potion?

Soldier: It’s gold and drinking it recovers all your strength and magic! Not only that, the time it takes to charge your power will be shortened for 10 minutes! But only one of these can be made in a day.

Agihna: Hoi, that’s excellent. Till this day, they have sold only blue, red, and green potions. Red returns strength. Green replenishes magic. Blue recovers both. Young one. Do your best to obtain this treasure.


Agihna: Young one. Are you tired from your travels? Ah, that’s right! I forgot to pass down to you my brother’s words. Listen well. There are enemies in the eastern temple who carry shields. Defeat them with a bow. Do you understand?


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