Week 1 Part 3

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Soldier: Hmm.. how strange. Where did Princess Zelda go off to? We’ve searched every corner of the castle. Princess! Does no one know?



Agihna: What say the winds, Fortune Teller?

Fortune Teller: Hocus Pocus… Even if bombs are used, the number remaining will not decrease…

Agihna: Is that so? Did you hear that, young one? Hurry and use bombs on monsters and suspicious walls.



Narrator: If you find a map in a dungeon, you can use the X button to check your current location. If you look carefully, you may be able to spot rooms you haven’t explored yet. Inside the Level 2 dungeon lies the boomerang. The boomerang stops foes in their tracks and and is capable of reaching faraway items.



Zelda: No!! Help me! Somebody!! I’m in the glade south of the temple! Please, stop! Oh, somebody, somebody help!!!

Fortune Teller: Master Agihna! This is terrible!

Agihna: What is it??

Fortune Teller: Princess Zelda is being pursued by monsters!

Agihna: What?! Where is she??

Fortune Teller: She is by the glade to the south of the temple!

Agihna: She must have been followed when she left here! Young one, you have to help her!



Soldier: Master Agihna! A suspicious trader has set up shop in a hole south of the temple!

Agihna: Hr, what’s this? What sort of things does he have to offer?

Soldier: It seems that if you do something for him, it might yield a profit!

Agihna: Is that so? I’ve looked forward to this. South of the temple, was it? Hrm, close to here… Hahahahahaha! Regrettable! Regrettable, regrettable, regrettable! Now is not the time for this. I wonder if the princess is safe? But surely just a little look wouldn’t hurt… No, no… I musn’t…



Fortune Teller: Master Agihna…

Agihna: What is it? Has the mysterious peddler disappeared??

Fortune Teller: No, it is merely that the quantity of bombs has returned to normal. The peddler is still in business.

Agihna: Is that so? Then perhaps I will secretly take a look… Hrmm. Young one, you must be conscious of the number of bombs you possess. 10 minutes have now passed. Be sure to hurry!



Fortune Teller: Master Agihna…

Agihna: What is it?

Fortune Teller: The heart containers are at their fullest…

Agihna: Just the containers?

Fortune Teller: Physical strength as well…

Agihna: Is that so? Young one, even with all the heart containers in the world, if you run out of strength you will be unable to continue your adventure. When your body weakens, search out a faerie or a faerie spring.



Narrator: There are many rooms in dungeons. Check the map regularly. Empty rooms are particularly suspicious. Be sure to investigate them thoroughly. Do not overlook breakable walls or statues that can be struck. When you want to pull something, stand near it and press the A button while using the directional pad.



Agihna: Ah, time has grown short! How goes the divination?

Fortune Teller: Hocus pocus… Once again, defeating foes will yield rupees.

Agihna: Is that so? Young one, defeat foes to earn rupees! 6 minutes left! Hurry!



Fortune Teller: Master Agihna…

Agihna: What is it?

Fortune Teller: The heart containers have returned to normal.

Agihna: Is that so? Young one, you must be especially careful!



Fortune Teller: Master Agihna…

Agihna: What is it?

Fortune Teller: The power to earn rupees has disappeared.

Agihna: Is that so? Young one, have you anything left to do? Only 1 minute remains. Hurry and complete tasks yet unfinished!



Agihna: How are you doing, young one? Do you tire? It looks as though you were able to help Princess Zelda.

Zelda: It seems that you’re striving to be a hero in bravery as well. Thank you for rescuing me. You’re the only one left who can help us. Though your task is difficult, please, don’t give up!

Agihna: Princess. It looks as though the youth has found some stone tablets.

Zelda: Mysterious characters are written here… However, I believe that more of these tablets are hidden around Hyrule.

Agihna: Is that so? It is possible that if one travels to my brother’s house in Kakariko Village, a clue will be found. Princess. I think you should try accompanying the youth…

Zelda: Oh..? …I cannot leave the castle. Please, return home safely!


Agihna: Ah, this is the house of my brother… no, of Sahasrahla, the sage of Hyrule. It has grown late. We will rest here.



Female Announcer: This program has been brought to you by Nintendo and St. GIGA.


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