Chapter 1

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This video is incomplete and does not contain the prologue included with this translation.

Female Announcer:
We will now transmit the BS Legend of Zelda – Chapter 1. This program is the first game program in the world to be broadcast through a satellite connection so that all players nationwide can play within the same game environment in real time. You can now enjoy the appeal of a game with voice acting and background music in high-quality BS sound. This game is a program that exists only in “Zelda Time.” You will be unable to save it to the memory pack. And now we welcome you to the wonderful world of Zelda!

Long, long, ago, this world was created by the gods.
The gods, as proof of their great power, left behind an artifact of three golden triangles, the Triforce.

One ruled power, one governed wisdom, and one forged courage.
Until the appropriate people would appear to inherit them, each of the three crest-bearing Triforce pieces slept in a Sacred Realm known to no one.

“At the descent from heaven there lies a golden power. The desires of he who first touches it shall reach the gods.”

These are the words passed down in the land of Hyrule.

“Obtain the golden power of the Triforce and your wishes shall be granted.”

Those captivated by the legend sought the Sacred Realm for themselves. However, of all people, the first to open the gate to the Sacred Realm and obtain the Triforce was Ganondorf, leader of the thieves.
It was at this moment that the king of evil, Ganon, was born.

Before long, Ganon’s malice spread over Hyrule and sinister events began to occur one after another.

The King of Hyrule therefore commanded the Seven Sages and the Knights of Hyrule to seal away the source of the malice.

By means of a divination from the gods, the people of Hyrule forged the sacred Master Sword which possessed the power to defeat the evil that had stolen the Triforce. However, even the Seven Sages could not handle it. The people waited for a hero with the power to wield the sacred Master Sword to appear. However, the force of Ganon’s malice did not wait for the hero’s coming and pressed closer to the royal palace where a grand battle unfolded.

After great sacrifice, the sages at last succeeded with the seal, and as the curtains fell on the conflict known the Sealing War, peace visited the land of Hyrule once more.

My name is Princess Zelda. I have been imprisoned in a dungeon by an evil power. Rise quickly. Hero. Hyrule… Hyrule is in danger!

A puzzling message shatters the moment’s peace. Hurry, Hero. Return peace to the land of Hyrule once more!


Old Man:
Welcome, Hero. The people of this land have all been awaiting your coming. Ah, do not be surprised. I knew that you would come to this land, guided by a star. Now then, Hero. Gather the pieces of the Triforce that were snatched away and bring down the demon king, Ganon. I shall send power to you from here. One more very important thing. This world exists only within a predetermined time. When the time comes, this world, like a dream, shall vanish. To begin, seek out the demon king’s labyrinth said to lie somewhere within this land. Hurry, Hero. Take this sword.

There are things that you must learn that will aid you on your quest. Press the A and Y button to use your sword. Please press them now. Next I want you to press the X button. This is called the subscreen. Here you can arrange the items you possess. When using a held item, press the X button to return to the game after making your selection and B to use the item. To switch the item you want to use, press the X button again to call up the subscreen. There is also a way to switch items using L and R. I will pray for your good fortune.

According to the old man the Triforce lies within the dungeons of the demon king. Rumor has it that the dungeons boast a variety of traps. This week, you will be searching for the Level 1 and Level 2 dungeons. You should soon be able to find the first dungeon. However, Level 2 remains hidden somewhere. Whether on the overworld or within a dungeon, the demon king’s underlings will target you. When your power to fight foes has been exhausted, the fairies will offer you their protection. The springs are where they dwell.

Where are you, Hero…? Where are you fighting now…? There’s no mistake that with your current power, you face a difficult battle. For just a little while, your sword will be granted power. Do you understand? All those who listen to my voice now fight upon this earth. Should you not carry out your mission immediately, you will fail to them.

What’s this?! Even though your life is not full, the beam yet issues forth. You may be able to recover the Triforce during this time. However, be conscious of the life you have remaining. Plunge in hastily and you may be defeated.

In order to buy goods from merchants, a currency known as rupees is necessary. Bombs… keys… It is best to be ever conscious of your amount of rupees. You will know by the number shown at the top of the screen. As one might expect, the shield the merchants sell is more powerful than the one you currently possess. It can defend against the balls with which the Zoras who emerge from the water use to attack.

The sword’s beam no longer issues forth. The effect appears to have worn off. It seems you must now fight with more caution than ever.

Perhaps you have obtained a bomb somewhere. You can use the bomb with the B Button. It is said that within this earth there are walls and gates that can be destroyed with bombs. In dungeons, particularly, are statues of faces embedded in the walls. It is said these stone statues can be destroyed using bombs. It is also said that somewhere there are mysterious blocks that move.


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