Beta Screenshots

| November 1, 2010

SQUARE’s PREVIEW 5 CHRONO CROSS Planned for release in winter of ’99 PUSH O BUTTON START ©1999 SQUARE The dream of the planet repelled the darkness and birthed a new future. However, that was also the beginning of a new nightmare… The time-transcending final battle between dragons, humans, and destiny that surrounding the legendary treasure, […]

Ultimania Interview – Battle Team

| October 27, 2010

• Page 1• Page 2   We adopted a style ubiquitous to fighting games to calculate things like the bending of the joints. —–Chrono Cross’s “Cross Sequence Battle System” ambitiously incorporated a variety of elements. Would you say this was done as a service to the players? “Tanaka (the producer) thought up the general concept, […]

Ultimania Interview – Event Team

| July 20, 2009

• Page 1• Page 2 Room No. 1 Event Team “Our intention was to ensure the playability wouldn’t be exhausted after one or two clears.“ ※The article to the right was organized based on the input of each staff member. CHRONO CROSS ULTIMANIA We didn’t want to take a step down from the quality of […]

Ultimania Character Page

| September 12, 2008

A page depicting Chrono Cross character artwork with small captions about the design of each character. This page is an excerpt from the Chrono Cross Ultimania guide. • Translated Character Page カーシュ Karsh 豪胆な騎士よりも、煩奇者と言ったほうが的を射ていそうな…。 Though Karsh is a brave knight, saying he is troubled and strange would be closer to the point… 甲冑を身に着けた図。あまりにも騎士すぎるのがゲームの雰囲気に合わないと判断され、没になったのだろうか? Karsh with […]