Scenario – Auron of the Crimson Blade

| March 13, 2011

An early illustration of a Crimson Blade member. It appears as though the seven luminary blade, Masamune, that is used by Auron in the game was their standard equipment at the time. •Inside the Yevon Dome The Song of Prayer drifts on the air. The youths we saw outside are looking around the interior. A […]

Scenario – Opening

| January 28, 2011

We now present to you the early plot of FFX. The commentary of four members of the scenario team is included alongside sections that greatly differ from the final game. From left to right, we have Yoshinori Kitase (Director), Motomu Toriyama (Event Director), Daisuke Watanabe (Scenario Planner), and Kazushige Nojima (Scenario Planner). Opening •The Ruined […]