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The following images reveal that the Old Man at the End of Time, also known as Gaspar, was once intended to be a party character in Chrono Trigger. They were taken from a Japanese players guide, as reported by ZeaLitY of the fansite Chrono Compendium. Click the images to enlarge.

Turn back the clock… and you’ll see the true face of the characters.

Chrono Trigger Character Sketches

The details of the making of Toriyama’s character illustrations finally revealed. Let’s turn back the clock a bit and take a look at how the characters were born and how they evolved.

Chrono – The Protagonist That Retained His Innocence:
His hairstyle, clothing, the Japanese sword he wields… it seems that the protagonist Chrono’s image has been more or less set in stone since the beginning. Only his expression belies his youth here.

Lucca – The Wise & Lovely Inventor Girl Genius:
It seems that Lucca’s design has also been more or less set in stone since early development. The difference lies in her symbol-emblazoned headgear being a headband rather than than a cap.

Magus – The Leader of the Demon Tribe, Shrouded in Sorrow:
His cold gaze and long hair remain the same. Only the helmut and armor he was equipped with in early development are different from the final game. His pose is different as well. Kind of cool, isn’t it?

Marle – A Miniskirt Suited Her!:
Her ponytail and bow gun are the same, but it seems that at first she wore a skirt. Her appearance is somewhat Robin Hood-esque.

Chrono Trigger Character Sketches

Robo – He Was Truly a Machine:
His image changed so much that practically nothing of his prototype was retained. He was designed as a machine. He gradually became a little more human-esque, however.

Ayla – Her Beauty Was More Prominent Than Her Strength:
Ayla has changed quite a bit. Instead of the curly hair she sports today, her hair was once straight and long. In addition, she isn’t wearing her customary fur bikini. Her appearance looks quite neat and tidy.

Frog – A Fiery Spirit Lies Hidden Within his Atypical Form:
Is Frog really a frog? It seems that his image hasn’t changed very much since the beginning. His pose brings to mind a knight, however.

Cut Character

Finally, all the masterpieces complete! Ahaha!

Toriyama: Just kidding, everyone worked hard. Robo and Ayla were the characters that changed the most.

Caption: A mysterious cut character, the “Old Man”. What a waste, not to use him. He’s got a certain charm.


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