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What do we have here… looks like a scoop that snuck in right before our deadline! How lucky.

It seems we’ve got our hands on a genuine copy of Mother, the RPG game that copywriter Shigesato Itoi has been working on at Nintendo, which up till now has languished in the realm of rumors.

The setting is present-day America. Thanks to an unexpected poltergeist phenomenon, furniture and other objects have begun attacking humans! This is where it all begins. A lone boy sets forth from town.

Up till now, RPGs have always had a top-down view, but with Mother, the map has a three-dimensional diagonal view looking down from the sky.

In addition, the music from the game pack is planned to be original tracks produced by Keiichi Suzuki. It sounds like the music for Mother will be released as a CD along with the game. Very nice.

Your party consists of 3 people, but there are 300 characters in all! Looks like there’s lots of things you can ride around, too.

Mother has also adopted a battle system that will suit both people who love battles and those who hate them. The battles appear to be full of variety, with multiple skills like character substituting and PSI power and interesting items. Players can enjoy interesting dialogue from Shigesato Itoi!

The making of the game, from planning to conception, has taken a full 2 years. It’s a game fans have been waiting for, planned for a July release from Nintendo. Well, what do you think? I bet you’re looking forward to it even more! From readers of Ultratech* to PC Engine Fan, this game is sure to excite them all. We’ll keep giving you the latest scoops on the brand-new RPG Mother!

*Translator’s Note: Ultratech is a section of Family Computer Magazine.



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  1. OKeijiDragon says:

    Hey GlitterBerri, thank you again for the translation.

    Just a cosmetic question if you will, what English equivalent would you give to the narrator saying “Oh to to to to” at the very beginning (0:01) of the video, right before he says “What do we have here…”?

  2. GlitterBerri says:

    Awesome! Looks like you did a great job with the timing. I’d say “ototototo” would be “Oh, my…” One small note, it looks like you left the * after Ultratech that corresponds to the translator’s note on my page. =)

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