The Secret Garden

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The mystery of the secret garden you can climb to at the top of the Shrine of Worship is touched on by the official guidebook to the game.

The Secret Garden from Shadow of the Colossus

The Beautiful Scenery Stretches Out Before You

Once you arrive at the top of the shrine, follow the path to the left to arrive at a garden with a beautiful contrast between water, greenery, and light. You can also continue across the arch bridge by going right. You can’t escape the ancient land, but the view from the bridge is superb, so it’s best to make a stop there before heading for the garden.

The Secret Garden from Shadow of the Colossus

The Forbidden Fruit that Grows in the Garden

Within the garden grow 37 pieces of fruit that decrease your max health and grip meters. Though they seem to have a deeper meaning, collecting them doesn’t change the story or the ending. If you return to the ground and save after eating one, you’ll be sure to regret it, so be careful.


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