The Future of Hyrule Historia

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Now that the official localization of Hyrule Historia has been announced, you’re probably wondering about the future of the fan translation project on the site.

Here’s where I have a confession to make: I’m now involved with the official localization. As such, out of respect to Dark Horse, we will not be uploading the remaining untranslated pages, and the fan translation on this site may not be around forever. I encourage you to preorder your own copy of the book at Amazon, so you’ll always have the timeline information and sweet concept art compendium close at hand. As a bonus, you’ll get a $14 discount on the list price of $34.99. You can follow the latest news on the official localization here.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to Snow, Patas, Zeldalady, Beno, Shikage, and FamiliarStranger, who have all helped to make the unofficial translation project happen. Some of them may be joining forces with me to offer future translations at the site.

For those disappointed about the fact that Hyrule Historia will no longer be continuing, rest assured that I have plenty more Zelda material where that came from, including unseen concept art, developer interviews, and game trivia, all direct from Nintendo of Japan. If you don’t feel like checking out the site all the time, you can follow me for updates on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

On that note, today is the last day of the Zelda Contest, where you can support the site by voting on which Zelda game’s development you’d like to learn more about.

Oh, and for you artists – Melora of History of Hyrule, who has also been integral to the fan project, is holding a Zelda fan art contest at her own website. Go enter and make her happy!


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  1. […] early 2013: respected gaming fan translator and longtime friend of the Zelda community GlitterBerri will be involved in the official translation. GlitterBerri is best known for providing the best fan translation of Hyrule Historia out there, so […]

  2. SmashManiac says:

    That’s great news, congratulations! :)

  3. Martin says:

    Excellent work you’ve done

  4. Melora says:

    I’m so happy for you GlitterBerri! This is freakn’ amazing news! *high-fives* It just wouldn’t be the same without a really educated Zelda fan on the case. And thank you so much for the shout-out!

  5. Fizzle says:

    Well that is unexpected and excellent news! I already have a copy on order despite owning the Japanese one already. I’m sure your help will be invaluable, you seem very knowledgeable about the series in general and your translations so far seem very well done.

    Incidentally, I hope I can find time to help with some more beta stuff; life got in the way and caused me to be unable to help as much as I wanted to aside from offering images I have found. I hope to rectify this as soon as I am able!

  6. zeldafan1982 says:

    Congratulations Glitterberri! I’d also like to ask you: if you pointed some errors would they be removed or the content has to be identical? For example on page 122 where it says that Link put the MS back or on page 99 where it says that Impa was assigned the task of returning Din back (it should be Nayru).

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