Prerendered Backgrounds

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The prerendered backgrounds of Ocarina of Time. As they were extracted directly from the Majora’s Mask Debug ROM, this is their actual resolution. Smaller than we’re used to seeing, but very crisp. Do you recognize all of them?



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  2. Skyralie says:

    There’s something incredibly unnerving about these backgrounds. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to seeing them ingame with models and the HUD, but it’s just— eerie.

    • Friends in the Walls says:

      You think so?
      To me they are incredibly nostalgic and mysterious, though I can see how they are sort of unnerving to some.

      I always wondered (before I knew computer terminology or even what rendering was) why were these areas so highly detailed? Yet why can’t I explore them to the same extent as the previous (rendered) maps? Why were they so interesting and mysteriously just out of the reach of Link and Navi?

      I dunno they’re just so cool to me, especially the one of the temple of time. So peaceful so cool.

  3. Octaedre says:

    Where do file_0442.jpg, file_0444.jpg, file_0446.jpg, file_0448.jpg and file_0450.jpg come from ? I’ve never seen them in game but I’m playing Master Quest right now and I’d love to visit these…

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