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Here we’ve gathered the untold stories from Pokémon’s creators. Show off your newfound knowledge to your friends!


1. Mew was born because of a programmer messing around!

It was Morimoto, a programmer, who brought Mew into the world. It seems that the final game had just a little room to spare, so he secretly slipped in his own Pokémon. At first he thought no one would find it and it would exist just for the developers to enjoy, but then people started talking about the 151st Pokémon. Even he was surprised when it became the talk of the town!


2. The Secret of Sudowoodo’s Birth

Art director Sugimori was the creator of Sudoowoodo. This Pokémon came into being as he sketched out designs for various characters. In order to make use of its characteristics, the scenario writers altered the story so that there would be a Pokémon who blocked the player’s path. It seems that it wasn’t uncommon that parts of the story were borne from character illustrations like this.


3. Pikachu didn’t exist at first?!

Pokémon boasts many characters that were born of their types. Pikachu is no different. The thunder-themed mouse was dreamed up as an example of an electric type. Even a character that can brag about world fame didn’t exist during early development.

4. Pokémon’s cries change?!

Did you notice that a Pokémon’s cry changes once it evolves? Much like human’s voices break, so do Pokémon’s. Evolved Pokémon have cries that are a little deeper and louder than young Pokémon. Listen carefully!

Saving in Pokémon Platinum

5. There’s something different about the save sound effect…

There’s are subtle changes between the save sound effects in Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. This was slipped in by the sound director, Masuda. Maybe he’s a little obsessed?!

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