Shigesato Itoi's Bass Fishing No. 1

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I found this in Akihabara for 180 yen with the box and original documents. It was marked as used, but I’m not sure it has been. Here’s some photos of the inserts that came with the game.


Fish: The package looks like this, but the game is realistic!

Red Guy: This is Real!

Girl: Maybe I should become a Bass Pro…

Baby: I haven’t played Bass Fishing, but this looks fun!

Duck: Let’s take care of our waterbirds!

Purple Guy: Even with 30 years of fishing experience, this is good enough for me!

Fox: Let’s pick up and take our trash with us!

Boy: It’s even more fun with a Satellaview!

Package Illustration: Norio Hikone


If you play this game, maybe…

(1) You’ll get better at actual bass fishing.

(2) Not only bass, you’ll gain an interest in everything.

(3) You’ll get closer with your friends.

(4) You’ll forget the passage of time.

(5) You’ll never think of the days when you didn’t go bass fishing.

That’s what I made the game for.

The fun of Bass Fishing is…

ⓐ Considering the location of the bass, the seasons, their traits, the time, the weather, reasoning like a detective, seeking them out.

ⓑ Thinking about how to catch the bass you were after, choosing the tackle, luring the fish, making them bite.

ⓒ Hooking the fish, fighting them like a pro, winning the catch.

ⓓ Playing against other anglers, aiming at victory.

“Shigesato Itoi’s Bass Fishing No. 1″ was made so you could enjoy all of this.

If you don’t, then I won’t have any fun either.

Shigesato Itoi

(Whether you’re a Bass Pro or new to fishing, you’ll be able to enjoy this game.)

Win an Original Lure Promotion:

Original Lure Present Campaign

Do your best to catch a big one!

For those who catch a fish over 50 centimeters, a cute original lure designed by Norio Hikone and Shigesato Itoi will be awarded to 10,000 players. It’s a real lure that can be used to catch real bass. Please read the application form thoroughly and apply.

For details, see inside.


Inside 2:


Postal Code:






Place of Purchase:

– Password –

★ Please cooperate by filling out our questionnaire.

Q.1 Do you know about the Satellaview? YES • NO

Q.2 Do you have an interest in the Satellaview? YES • NO

Q.3 Would you participate if a nationwide tournament for this game was held using the Satellaview? YES • NO

Bass Anglers Club Card:


Dictionary of Fishing Terms:



Imitation Lure


Reaction Bite



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