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Concept art for places and characters of Shadow of the Colossus. Spoiler-free. Click the images to enlarge them.

From the Workplace

Points become lines. Lines become surfaces.
Living without peace, unrestrained.
Unshakeable purpose brings forth a wondrous work.

[From the Workplace 1]

Production Illustrations

The world of “Shadow of the Colossus” was spun from enormous production illustrations. The treasured production illustrations and sketches specially borrowed from the development team are presented here along with commentary from Mr. Ueda.

A stage sketch of the 3rd colossus. A very early design.

Picture of Girl:
Heroine Death Garb
A sketch of the girl. I gave her long hair, as I had a contrast between her and Yorda from Ico in mind.

Picture of Boy:
A sketch of Wander. I’d planned for him to have long hair from the beginning.

Picture of Masked Man:
A sketch of the Shaman. There were a number of design drafts for the mask.

Top Right:
A design draft of a Colossi’s texture.

Bottom Left:
A very early imageboard. I drew it with the colour blue in mind.

Top Right:
A logo designed early on.

Middle Right:
A design for the logo we were going to go with right up until the last minute.

Middle Left:
The design emblazoned on the mantle that also originates in Ico. I envisioned a design without characters or patterns.

Bottom Right:
An early design for the save plate. At first I had intended for them to be stand-alone.

Bottom Left:
The stones pile higher each time you save. (There is an upper limit.)


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