Unused Colossi in Action

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The unused Colossi in action. These pages are from the official guidebook to the game. Click the images to enlarge!

Check out more Shadow of the Colossus concept art, early screenshots, and developer interviews here, including the truth behind the ending!


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  1. Okay, so there are some names emerging, and Sirius and Phoenix [sic] do fit a Graeco-Roman mythological pattern (Roc being from Arabic myth). I suppose that makes the other list a bit less implausible-sounding… or, on the other hand, makes it all the more striking that this book uses numbers for the surviving Colossi.

  2. GlitterBerri says:

    None seem to be official names, though, just developer nicknames for the Colossi. And none are at all similar to the rumored “official” names that people are using today. I found what I think is the original thread for that, by the way. They say it was an issue of Dengeki Playstation Magazine. I’d check it out, but I have no idea where to find scanned backlogs, or even a detailed list of what the issues contained.


    Interestingly, the debug menu present in a prerelease version of the game uses these developer nicknames in its “Warp to Colossi” list.

    There’s are two Colossi overview pages in the Artbook that list all of the nicknames for the used Colossi, but the scan is, unfortunately, corrupted in the online web album I’m getting the pages from.


    Anyone have this one?

  3. And none are at all similar to the rumored “official” names that people are using today.

    Except that ‘Phoenix’ does turn up in the supposed Latin name of #5; but that could easily be a coincidence.

    Have you seen this forum thread?

  4. Supposed real name, sorry. Although there look to be classicisms in all three columns.

  5. And via that thread, another one with the internal nickname list: read the three consecutive posts by Olivier Hague midway down.

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  7. Johnny Mango! says:

    If this is the Colossus overview page you’re talking about, it seems to work for me if you click download photo. I’d really like to see what some of the developer nicknames on that page are. I’ve seen them in NICO.dat, but several of them have multiple names (Evis/Buddha etc.)

  8. […] of my head when I was planning the game. Putting in that many would have been impossible, however, so I cut it down to 24, half the original number. That’s when I began actually modeling them and coming up with ways to […]

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