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A few pages of Mario development notes that appeared in the book that came along with the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Collection, released for Wii on December 12th, 2010. Though the developer notes were translated into English, these pages were not. Apparently Mario once scrolled from left-to-right and used rockets… A special thanks to my good friend Mattius_Carl for letting me know about these!

The actual game is the story we’ve been working on since Donkey Kong “Junior”. It’s a game that makes use of the athletic parts of Mario Brothers, reorganized according to the large-size Mario characters. In order to make the character sizes big, the background screen will scroll, and we’ll add the lifts and various other devices.

A translated version of the box in the middle…

Mario will run from the left to the right. When he reaches the place where the scrolling starts, he will stop. Then the speed scrolling will begin. As he decelerates, the scrolling will slow, and Mario will begin walking to the left with the standstill. The scrolling won’t continue to the right, and Mario will have no choice but to return to the left side of the screen.

-With the left and right of the + button, Mario will be able to walk at 2 speeds
-Then, if you press the B button, he’ll accelerate and be able to run at a greater speed.
-You jump by pressing up on the + button. The height of the jump will be based on Mario’s speed when the button is pushed.
-When Mario has the Rocket, the B button will be used to accelerate left and right in the sky.
-The A button will cause Mario to the item he currently possesses.

From left to right, top row to bottom row:

Climbing/Dismounting Ladders
(Animation used in free climbing)

Rolling Stone
(A device used in dungeons)

Flooded room
(Camera switches to water mode)

Clockwise Millstone Rotation

Walking Over a Piano
(Sound stuff)

(Defeat enemies with bombs)

Wire Mesh Action
(Free climbing)

Wall Slam
(Dash …)



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  1. The Tjalian says:

    Very interesting indeed! Interesting to note they were going to treat Mario as a screen by screen sidescroller rather then a continuous loop one. Also cool to are ideas from the first game brought over to smb3 (tanooki suit instead of rockets, anyone?)

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