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Media kindly provided by Lavacopter. Commentary provided by GlitterBerri and Fizzle.

August 24th, 2000 (Spaceworld)

Ah yes, the first glimpse we saw of a Gamecube Zelda in the realistic style of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Nothing peaked the anticipation of fans like a fully-rendered face-off between Link and Ganondorf. If only they knew what was to come…

These screens are stills taken from a demo show reel for the Gamecube, including other games such as Luigi’s Mansion. No actual game play was shown: these were strictly FMV sequences.

Link’s original Gamecube design based directly on his Ocarina of Time appearance, which later appeared in a modified form in Super Smash Brothers Melee and Soul Caliber II.

Ganondorf’s design, like Link’s, later appeared in Super Smash Brothers Melee. He even kept the sword for post-battle poses, but he never used it during actual game play.

Note the giant statue in the background. It appears to have large head that is reminiscent of Ganondorf, although it has upturned fangs. Also of note are the objects on the table: the candle holders appear to have Gerudo-style markings on them, similar to Ganondorf’s cape, and the two swords placed as decorations are clearly based on those used by Gerudo Thieves in Ocarina of Time. It’s often assumed that this location is Hyrule Castle or Ganon’s Castle, but I have a feeling it’s intended to be somewhere like the Gerudo Fortress or the Spirit Temple…

With that said, the walls clearly contain Hylian lettering used in OoT and MM, rather than Gerudo typography that is used in the Spirit Temple.

The following images are taken from IGN, and are screen captures of the video in motion rather than the direct shots from Nintendo seen above.

The sequence starts with Link already rolling away from Ganondorf, there is no distinct “start” to the battle that we witness. There is actually more to the sequence: these images and the footage from IGN begin with Link recovering from being kicked, which is why he is doing a backwards roll.

After parrying a blow, Link performs a jumping Spin Attack here. Not really something he performs in the games (Spin Attacks are largely stationary), but definitely part of his arsenal in the Smash Bros. and Soul Calibur games.

Ganondorf dodges by jumping backwards, and brings his sword up to parry…

…and sends Link flying backwards. We can get a good view of the table here, there’s a typical Zelda jar on there along with the swords and candles. If you’re wondering, the floating red object appears to be strung on a wire between the two swords. It’s possibly a gem or a small decorative lantern. Quite a detailed backdrop for such a brief clip, really.

That’s some serious floor tiling. The pattern on the stones isn’t anything in particular, but it looks nice. There are some other statues and a large flag in the background, but it’s hard to make out the details.

Ganondorf’s got the emo nails going on. This wasn’t part of his Ocarina look, the black nails were a new addition, and carry over to Smash Bros. as well. Ganondorf’s design actually appears to be an amalgamation of his young and older appearances in Ocarina of Time; largely based on his younger look, but with a bigger cape like his appearance at the end of the game. Oddly, Ganondorf never had this taunt in Melee. Missed opportunity!

RYARGH! Ganondorf attacks. Enjoy this look at his polygonal muscles and gaping maw.

Interestingly, adult Link wields the Hero’s Shield from Majora’s Mask, possibly indicating that the sequence or original concept for the game was meant to take place after Link had grown up again following the ending of Majora’s Mask. When Nintendo decided to make a game more akin to this demo in the form of Twilight Princess, they did make it a sequel to Majora’s Mask, but with a new Link. Curious murals adorn the walls, they are somewhat reminiscent of some seen in The Wind Waker.

Oh, and Link throws away his shield like an idiot.

These images give us a wide look at the backdrop, though details are sketchy. There appears to be a large, single eye at the top of the big, eerie statue in the background. Oh, and check it out! The symbols of the Shadow Medallion and Water Medallion from Ocarina of Time are shown above the statues! Perhaps this is Ganon’s Castle after all? The Hylian of OoT and MM (as opposed to the newer TWW and TP alphabets) that adorns the walls is correctly oriented on the right side (though seemingly nonsensical) and mirrored on the left.

As the warrior’s clash, the sequence ends.

This is the IGN video sequence in it’s entirety, from which the previous screens were taken.

These next images were originally from GamerWeb. These come from a longer cut of the sequence, showing parts that were cut from the IGN footage!

As we’ve seen, this is the middle of the battle, as Link and Ganondorf repel each others blows.

After Ganondorf knocks Link and there is distance between them, we get an establishing shot! It’s a pity Twilight Princess’ Hyrule Castle didn’t look more like this. It reminds me of early screenshots of Ocarina of Time, also, which depicted Link fighting enemies such as Iron Knuckles in the interior of a castle.

Link’s eyes look black here. but I believe this is just the lighting in these screen captures, earlier shots showed them as their regular blue. These images are taken from a short sequence where the two fighters circle each other shortly before Ganondorf taunts Link and attacks.

We never see who wins. I guess we never will… but there’s nothing to say these events cannot of occurred. Players would have to pit Link and Ganondorf against each other in Super Smash Bros. Melee in the meantime, and when The Wind Waker finally revealed itself, it bared little resemblance to this footage, much to the surprise of many gamers.


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