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Light & Dark Era Oracle of Ages

•Nayru, The Oracle of Ages

Everything became dark and a shadow of the Sorceress of Darkness named Veran appeared from Impa and jumped into and took over the body of Nayru. Nayru was the “Oracle of Ages” of Labrynna. Veran, who possessed the body of Nayru, disappeared.

•The Adventure around the Land of Labrynna

Due to the loss of Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, the land of Labrynna’s flow of time was disrupted and phenomena began to occur randomly throughout the world. Veran used Nayru’s ability to control time and returned to Labrynna’s past and took over the giant tower of the then-Queen Ambi.

Link was requested by the guardian Maku Tree to go out and search for the 8 lost “Essences of Time” with the “Harp of Ages.”


•The Three Oracles

Din -the Oracle of Seasons- lives in Holodrum, Nayru -the Oracle of Ages- lives in Labrynna and Farore -the Oracle of Secrets- lives inside the Maku Trees. They share the same name as the three Goddesses that created Hyrule.

Link was led to their world by the Triforce, so it appears that these lands are related to the creation Goddesses as well.

•The Harp of Ages

An instrument that can manipulate time. The harp can play the Tune of Echoes, the Tune of Currents and the Tune of Ages, each tune being represented by one of the crests of the three Goddesses of Hyrule.

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•Residents of Holodrum and Labrynna

The two incidents of Holodrum and Labrynna weren’t unrelated. They were both part of the plan to light the flames of destruction and sorrow through causing havoc among the residents of these two lands. Along with the flame of despair they would fully revive Demon King Ganon.

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