Pg. 11 Skyward Sword Concept Art

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Patas.


Goddess Zelda Rough Sketch

SS Zelda

Final Sketch for Zelda (Maiden Clothes)

SS Zelda

Goddess Zelda

SS Zelda

“Since this time she’s not a princess, we started by removing her head ornaments, but then she looked too simple… We wanted her regular village girl look to be compatible with the special look of a heroine and we came up with this design. Her clothes give off a blue glow, and we used a base that was more reddish than purple, unlike in previous games. The director requested the design of Goddess Zelda to be ‘simple and white!’”

(Hirono & Kobayashi, Designers)

This time,
will you come to wake me up, Link?

SS Zelda

First Top Sketch (From Left): Braided

Second Top Sketch: It goes to the back.

Fifth Top Sketch: Like an Alice band.

First Bottom Sketch (From Left): Princess Hair

Second Bottom Sketch: Wind Waker Style

Third Bottom Sketch: 2 Colours

Fourth Bottom Sketch: Straighter Bangs

Fifth Bottom Sketch: Traditional Zelda

Sixth Bottom Sketch: With Forelocks

SS Zelda

Princess Zelda and the Goddess’s Harp

The Goddess’s Harp from this game looks a lot like Sheik’s harp from Ocarina of Time, a story that takes place at a later time. Could it be that they’re one and the same…?

SS Sheik

Sheik from Ocarina of Time

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