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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be checked over by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Great Sea The Wind Waker

•The Disappearance of the Old Kingdom

Then, the king of Hyrule appeared and touched the Triforce before Ganondorf. In a loud voice, the king proclaimed his wish: “I desire hope for these children! Give them a future! Wash away this ancient land of Hyrule! Let a ray of hope shine on the future of the world!” [Lit.: For the ancient land of Hyrule to be washed away and for a ray of hope to shine upon the future of Zelda and Link.].

•The End of Ganondorf

Was it worth it wishing to the Triforce for a future at the expense of letting Hyrule disappear? Ganondorf attacked Link and Zelda, who were entrusted with that future. The last decisive battle on the land of Hyrule kept being extended.

Ganondorf was defeated by Princess Zelda’s light arrows and Link’s attacks with the Blade of Evil’s Bane. He turned into stone and broke into pieces.

As Hyrule was disappearing, The king freed Link and Princess Zelda onto the sea surface. Zelda told the king they could find a new land together, and Link reached out to him, but the king chose to disappear along with Hyrule.

Like that, a cyclic story of the battle for the Sacred Realm Hyrule and the Triforce came to an end.


•What Ganondorf Coveted

Ganondorf described Hyrule’s sinking in the ocean as a “destruction by the gods,” and he dwelt upon its restoration. He was born and raised in a desertic land, where he said that the wind carried death and he left behind these words, “I coveted the wind that blew across Hyrule, I suppose.” The wind he felt in his last moment, was it the desert wind or Hyrule’s…?

•The King and the Kingdom of Hyrule

Remembering the kingdom of yore, the king of Hyrule regretted the past. However, after reflecting that clinging to Hyrule’s restoration would make him the same as Ganondorf, he decided to make it disappear. The king apologized to Zelda and Link, and left behind these words, “I have scattered the seeds of the future…”

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