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The following was translated by ShiKage and Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

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The Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth Spirit Tracks

•Princess Zelda Turning into a Spirit

On their way to the Tower of Spirits, Chancellor Cole showed his true colors. Cole’s aim was to revive the Demon King Malladus, who was sealed in the Tower of Spirits and Princess Zelda’s body was the device he needed to be able to do so.

Princess Zelda was brought in by Cole’s assistant, Byrne, but her spirit separated from her body. Princess Zelda, now turned into a spirit, went with Link to the Tower of Spirits to see the Sage, Anjean, for instructions on what to do.

•The Incident at the Tower of Spirits

The Tower of Spirits lost its barrier and the railroad tracks disappeared and monsters inhabited the phantom guardians of the tower.

Princess Zelda, as a spirit, took possession of the phantoms and worked together with Link to proceed upward. However, to get to the sleeping Demon King’s spirit on the highest floor, Link and Zelda had to restore the barriers at each temple.



A former apprentice of Anjean, training to become recognized by the spirits of good. Failing to do so, he decided to revive the Demon King in the hopes that the he would grant his wish of becoming more powerful than the spirits themselves. He collaborated with Cole to defeat Link and capture the body of Zelda.


In ancient times, this sage of the Lokomo tribe were sent to the land by the spirits of good. She guards the Spirit Tower and is acquainted with the pirate Tetra.

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•The New Land of Hyrule

Hyrule Castle and the Tower of Spirits sits in the centre of this land, and the surrounding region is divided into the Forest Realm, the Snow Realm, the Ocean Realm, the Fire Realm and the Sand Realm.

Linebeck, the person who once saved Tetra, also settled in this land. His grave can be found near the home of his grandson, Linebeck III.

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