Pg. 196 Twilight Princess Concept Art

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology.


Master Sword

TP Master Sword

Light Bow

The weapon used by Zelda during the final battle with Ganondorf. Her arrows are made of Light Spirits who have changed form.

TP Bow of Light

Dominion Rod

Also called the Rod of the Heavens. It’s a rather strange item that causes whatever it’s used on to copy Link’s movements.

TP Dominion Rod

Fairy Slingshot

• Hide wrapping on hilt
• Gold & white paint markings
• Rubber elastic

TP Slingshot

Hylian Shield

TP Hylian Shield

Ordon Shield

• Painted symbol
• Iron frame
• Wooden surface

TP Ordon Shield

Wooden Shield

• Wooden frame
• Burnt-in symbol

TP Wooden Shield

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  1. Nick says:

    To whoever added these photos, ESPECIALLY the one of the shield…. THANK YOU. It means so much, I am getting the emblem of the shield tattooed on my back this week and haven’t been able to find the design (at least not perfectly straight on and symmetrical).
    I have been looking for HOURS and you are my saviour!

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