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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology.

The Sages

Illustrations of Anjean, who protects the Tower of Spirits, and the sages of the Lokomo tribe, who appear in the shrines across the land and aid Link in his quest. In the final game, Anjean is an old woman, but there are also design sketches depicting a male version of the character.

ST Anjean

The wheels on her cart are sloped.

ST Anjean

A variation.

ST Anjean

Design Sketches

The Old Hag

ST Anjean

The Medium

ST Anjean

The Scary Version?

ST Anjean

Rolls wheels using a staff. (Name Unknown)

ST Lokomo Sage

A collection of design sketches of the various sages and their attributes, as well as the instruments they’d use. The Sage of Darkness doesn’t appear in-game.

ST Lokomo Sages

Forest – Violin

Thunder – Biwa

Water – Conch (Harp) (Transverse Flute)

Fire – Taiko Drums

Desert – Shawm

Darkness – Gamelan

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    Little mistake I noticed…I don´t know if it matters anymore, what with an offical translation being out and whatnot… but, on the last picture, the second Lokomo depicted there, his element is given as “Thunder” here but the Kanji actually says “Snow” (which is also his element in the final game)

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