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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Translated by Snow.

Changes in Character Designs

Link’s appearance has changed dramatically over the years with each new incarnation. These pages will show the evolution of his appearance.

LoZ Link

1986 – The Legend of Zelda

Even this early on, his familiar look featuring green clothes, a sword and a shield had been established.

AoL Link

1987 – Adventure of Link

Link from the original Zelda has become 16 years old in the setting of this game. Therefore, he now gives off quite a mature impression compared to the first game.

ALttP Link

1991 – A Link to the Past

This was the first time Link’s shield was drawn with the Triforce and bird symbols. Latter works all use variations of this shield design.

LA Link

1993 – Link’s Awakening

OoT Adult Link

OoT Child Link

1998 – Ocarina of Time

For this time travelling adventure, two variations of Link had to be drawn. These two Links came to have a great impact on later designs.

MM Link

2000 – Majora’s Mask

While he is the same person as Ocarina of Time’s child Link, he has a considerably more fearless appearance thanks to his battle with Ganondorf.

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